Starting from our penchant for eating fruit that exists around us, so we have an idea to write down our favorites in this blog.We are not a health professional or a nutritionist who can explain a lot about the content and benefits of fruits.
We often read and collected from various sources in the style of talking and writing our own ... well ...that's all we pour in a blog called www.smoothiejuice.xyz

www.smoothiejuice.xyz is a simple Blogging Site that contains information about the World of health deriving from fruits and vegetables as well as a variety of other interesting articles that hopefully provide solutions and rewarding for all of us.
www.smoothiejuice.xyz became one of the media information, solutions, inspiration for the reader so it is Always passion in discussing about the world of health.

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Excerpt: Favors given by God to us is health because "Healthy healthy it's gold, pearls, healthy is everything"