What Causes obesity?

Causes of overweight - In fact we quoted from the official WHO noted that the number of people of the world that are experiencing overweight reach 39% in 2014. This figure involves at least 9 more than 1 billion people. Of this figure, estimated to be at least 13% are obese or about 600 million people.

Why cases of obesity could rise so rapidly? What causes obesity? This question arises related to other facts revealed by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION that since 1980 the number of people of the world are experiencing weight problems continue to increase two-fold each year.

Medically overweight or obesity identified in numbers are calculated based on the scale of the BMI or Body Mass Index. BMI is calculated by kilometres for each meter of perseginya. Parameters when the size of the BMI reaches above 25 kg/m2 then had occurred the problem of excess weight, and when you reach a BMI of over 30 kg/m2 then the person concerned are obese.

Then why can someone obese? What causes obesity? Then why some people can eat more fatty foods, even though without necessarily experiencing overweight and obesity?

Simply put in some literature that overweight is closely related to the number of tags or tag or formula fat reserves stored in adipose tissue. The formula is simple it is the body will automatically divide the food intake in 3 parts, namely: combining energies, as glycerol filling and forming the muscle mass, as well as the fat reserves-shaped TAG.

The more energy you need, the greater portion of the intake that is processed into energy, the greater the calorie needs to form the muscle mass and the less the portion which is then stored as fat reserves. And vice versa when the body is not much physical activity, then energy demand decreases, and the body will allocate more portion of food into fat reserves, even reserve the glucose, because muscle mass is also not established.

These conditions are different in nature. Each person can have different caloric needs due to the magnitude of the physical activity that is performed, the genetic element and body condition. The fact indicates the condition of obesity could be lowered.

Some other facts also prove that they are not fit will need fewer calories than those who are healthy because of the rhythm of the body decreases. Those with depression and distress are also experiencing similar conditions.

When the rhythm of the body, the body will also experience a decrease in metabolism that result in the formation of combustion and reduces the body's energy. As a result the food diasup will be allocated as more fat reserves.

However the body still send signals wrong over the condition of the body. Kartisol hormone produced during depresiakan causes the body ignore hormones leptin that gives the effect of a sense of satiety.

While the signal is wrong to give the impression the body felt limp and languid to make the body seem to lack food intake to form new energy so that the body forms the hormone ghrelin hunger hormone, that is. This is why those working in pressure and depression easier to feel hungry.

Obesity can also be caused by some other condition related to hormonal problems such as when there is a problem with the thyroid gland which led to a decrease in the production of thyroid hormone metabolism and suppress.

Or when someone undergoes an inefficient provision of hormonal femininity as in the case of PCOS. In the case of PCOS when the body is experiencing an excess of androgen hormones, the body will also encourage the production of the hormone estrogen, the female hormone to fight as the nature of androgen hormones.

The results of the body fat will be easier because the hormone estrogen thus encouraged the formation of enzimsitrat Lyasine who encouraged the formation of fat reserves as a TAG.

There are so many reasons a person experiencing obesity complaints and some may be the cause of obesity you experience. Because it is important to recognize the causes of obesity to be able to handle it with more specifics.
What Causes obesity?