What are the symptoms that a person afflicted by a stroke?

What are the symptoms that a person afflicted by a stroke? - Symptoms and signs of someone affected by stroke is very diverse and varies between one individual with another. This difference is because the human brain is very complex. each area in the brain have different functions. There is a governing vision of senses, a feeling of movement, cognitive, and others. Symptoms of a stroke depend depend on which area that suffered damage in the brain, and also depending on whether it's because of stroke or hemorrhage due to ischemic stroke. But in General, the signs and symptoms of a stroke of which you can read below:

Stricken With Symptoms Of A Stroke

The above symptoms especially when sudden occurred, must soon get help from a doctor. The sooner the better it would dealt with the results. The above symptoms very depending on the area of the brain where misbehaving. For your information, is simply our brain is divided into the hemisphere, right brain and left brain which has the role and function of each.

The second part of the brain is divided into dominant and non-dominant side, seen from the functions of everyday use we can use your hands to work and write. However, there are also certain people with a dominant right brain and do daily activities with more dominant left side body we call lefty.

Part of the brain controls the right side of the body the body to the right, so that when the stroke is the left side of the body. Likewise, when the stroke is the left side of the brain, then the side of the body who suffered paralysis is the right side of the body.

Symptoms of mild strokes that can be felt

1. Tough talk with good,
The symptoms of a stroke can cause the sufferer will have difficulty speaking, difficulty speaking normally experienced due to the nerves caused by the mouth, can be damaged so that the mouth can be attracted to the side, and conditions like that would make the sufferer difficulty speaking. Communication problems will also be experienced on a mild stroke sufferers, because the symptoms of a stroke sufferer will also make it difficult to understand the talk of others.

2. Part of the mouth and eyes look down,
The symptoms of a stroke will also be visible from a changing face, especially in the parts of the eye and the mouth also decrease.

3. Difficult to move his hand,
Stroke symptoms will indeed make the sufferer may experience paralysis. Paralyzed in the early symptoms of a stroke can happen on the ladder, one hand or both are difficult in the movement so that it is difficult to bring something.

4. Dizzy head,
Dizzy head that initially mild to severe can be felt by sufferers of stroke, stroke symptoms because there could be an attack of severe head, Dizzy from the neck to the head that will feel the pain and also heavy.

5. Decreased vision,
Double vision or not clear to see not only the symptoms of the disease, but can also be a symptom of a mild stroke, therefore decreasing eyesight will occur also when ill stroke.

6. Numb,
When it suffered a mild stroke in some parts of the body can also experience the dead.

If it appears the symptoms of a stroke which is a sign of the body, then we recommend that you immediately resolve it so that will not provide the impact to get worse or more and damaging nerves. The treatment can be done after all the organs of the body, checked with ct scan and mri tests in hospital.

Treatment of mild stroke easier and faster, and could use a natural stroke medicine as well. We recommend that you start to keep food intake in consumption to avoid worsening the health condition of the body. maintaining weight, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol to keep blood pressure so as not to suffer a stroke can be done well so that the healing process faster.
What are the symptoms that a person afflicted by a stroke?