Best Foods For Diet You Should Try

Human body response to much various different food every day that affect your body function. It’s basically expert say that your health depends on what you eat every day. If you consume a lot of sugar contained food, you will get many diseases related to it such as cancer and diabetes. while if you eat different healthy food like vegetable and fruit you will not get any chronic diseases. Obesity is one of the problems caused by food especially food contained sugar. If you are experiencing the obesity, you should start consuming these best food to help your diet.

Leavy green

As I mentioned before, the vegetable is really good for your body especially leafy green that helps you to reduce your fatty acid. Leavy green include spinach, collards, broccoli and few others that you can eat raw or cooked. Eating this vegetable can help you to increase the volume of your meal without increasing the calories. Leavy green has a high level of vitamin, mineral, and antioxidants.


Salmon has high protein and beneficial nutrients that keep your body slim. Salmon also contained omega 3 and fatty acid that help you to reduce inflammation which plays a huge role in your obesity.


Most of the people in the world probably love tuna as one of their favorite food, however, tuna gives you healthy benefit to help you for your diet. Tuna contains high protein and low calories which have no fat in it.


Making a smoothie with this amazing fruit could be the best choice for your diet. Avocado contains healthy fiber, nutrients, and potassium that help you for your diet program.

Coconut oil

Coconut is one of the tropical fruit that you can find easily on the market or groceries. Asian people use coconut oil as their main source for making food or meal. Coconut oil can help you to reduce your fatty acid. Try to change your oil for cooking food with coconut oil could be the best option that you should do for making your family healthy and free from fat.


Beans contain the high level of fiber that can help you to reduce your fat that contains some resistant starch. Try to consume beans for your daily routine both cooked or raw, depends on your taste.

Well, after reading this article, you should change your daily food to the healthy ones. Why not try these recommended foods above for making you slim?
 Best Foods For Diet You Should Try