Why Old Increasingly Difficult Sleep

Most people experience a change in sleep patterns as they grow older. Lately, the latest scientific review shows that some elderly do indeed lose their ability to get a good night's sleep.

The problem of insomnia in the elderly could have an impact on their health, says an author review Bryce Mander, who also is a researcher who studied about sleeping in the University of Carolina, Berkeley.

The Cause Of Many Parents Of Troubled Sleep

The problem is less quality sleep gets has been linked to various health problems, including depresidan dementia, said Mander. People like this are experiencing a sleep ' divided ' — they repeatedly woke up at night, so as not to enter a phase of deep sleep.

Mander also mentioned that various health problems, or the treatment to cope with it, could be the cause of insomnia. But the problem also experienced insomnia got worse.

We take the example of dementia. Research shows that there is a two-way relationship ' ' between the disruption of sleep with the process of dementia, as expressed Joe Winer, an other researchers from Berkeley who compiled the same scientific review.

Inconclusive dementia often become the cause of insomnia. Then, sleep problems, ultimately, can accelerate the deterioration of the function of memory and other mental ability in people with dementia. Winer said that experiments on animals show that the sleep phase in helping ' clean up ' the brain of amyloid-beta protein that accumulate due to dementia.

So maybe there is some sort of conclude Winer ' vicious circle ' where dementia and insomnia problems mutually influence each other. Similar circles cycles may also occur on the types of health problems other than dementia.

Insomnia in the Elderly may be Normal

But Winer then emphasized that a number of changes to sleep patterns is something normal. The elderly often known as ' fast asleep, fast wake up '. They also do not sleep as much as usual they get while young. And the researchers stated that they experienced this is probably normal.

"We don't want to make you panic for fear of exposed dementia if you sleep less now than it used to be," says Mander.

But, he added, you have to consider as one of the lifestyle factors that are important for the sake of gaining health — in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet. He also alluded to that one reason why the sport is healthy because it can make sleep more soundly.

"Why are there elderly who remained healthy, while others do not?" Mander replied, "we think one of the reasons is the quality of sleep."

Dr. Sanjeev Kothare, sleep specialists say that a lack of sleep clearly pose a variety of health complaints. One of the most often complain about is the problem of sleep apnea, in which the sufferer stop breathing repeatedly while during the night.

Sleep apnea is associated with some severe diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. Scientific studies also show that this problem can accelerate the decline of the functions of memory and intellect.

Parents Should Improve Quality Of Sleep

Dr. Phyllis Zee, Chief of the Division of medicine sleep disorders at Northwestern University, Chicago, revealed that the quality of sleep is more important than the quantity of sleep. So if those older people sleep less than it used to be — or woke up once in the evening and then quickly daub again — chances are it is not a sign of danger.

But those parents who always sleep less than 6 hours each night, or often woke up at night, it is advisable for a consulting physician. It is feared the cause of sleep problems it was sleep apnea. Or perhaps it's a sign someone should do some lifestyle changes to improve the quality of sleep.

You can improve sleep quality by adding physical activity and active socially. Then make the temperature in the room is cool and make sure no light-a light that interferes with, for example, the light from the computer or TV. You also need to be subject to sufficient sunlight in the morning and afternoon to help maintain the stability of the body's circadian rhythms (sleep-wake cycles).

But don't wait until the old to more concerned with the quality of sleep. According to the research team Mander, in their often middle-aged people have started losing the ability enter the phase of sleep in. And the situation continues to deteriorate as they grow in age.

Now it's been increasingly clear that the problem of insomnia in the elderly often is something unnatural going on. Causes of sleep problems due to their health problems they have experienced. But there is one thing that remains unclear, that influence the habit of sleeping in his youth to the quality of sleep in old age.

Mander reveals that they have yet to ascertain whether a good sleep patterns in youth was able to protect the person from the problem of insomnia in the old. Despite that, you could try to overcome the problem of sleep by doing lifestyle changes as described above.
Why Old Increasingly Difficult Sleep