Source Of Protein And The Benefits For The Body

Source of protein and the benefits for the body - Protein is a macro nutrient with the same calories as carbohydrates. The difference, protein does not require insulin to process it into energy. Adequate protein consumption during the diet is expected to build up new cells that are still young to spur the metabolism in the body can be even more active work.

Benefits Of Protein For The Body

Range of benefits of protein for the body very much at all, include:
  1. As a source of amino acids that are required in the development component of the body's cells,
  2. Formation of new cells (cell regeneration) that replaces the old cells that have been worn out or damaged cells due to the aging process,
  3. Dampen the surges of insulin
  4. Prevent the rise in blood sugar levels
  5. Able to restore the metabolism of the body back to the right track
  6. Contain amino acids required to align the performance of hormone the brain that controls appetite
  7. Can dampen the neurological stress
  8. To stimulate the metabolic work walking in harmony
  9. To enable performance and organ function are important in the body can work.
  10. Fix the balance of neurotransmitters that work in the brain and the stomach
  11. Contain fitostreol which is beneficial for preventing high cholesterol levels
The presence of essential amino acids can spur a metabolic hormone performance in running the metabolism. In running diet, there is a recommended choice source of protein for your consumption. The choice of protein is a protein that is rich in essential amino acids and has a high protein value.

To obtain a supply of essential amino acids in sufficient quantities, certainly had to choose the right protein source. Could be You are consuming large amounts of protein source in order for the body's needs will be met, but the amino acid should not exceed the limits. The question of excessive calories should still get some attention.

When allow you to consume animal protein and plant protein. However, for those of you who have very high cholesterol levels, it is highly recommended in order to give priority to vegetable protein rather than animal protein. Some studies declared, the amino acid lysine that is contained in the sources of animal protein has a worse tendency increase blood cholesterol.

While in the vegetable protein sources contain arginine which has the ability to lower cholesterol, the portion of the protein you consume no more dominant in the appeal portion of carbohydrates and fats, and cholesterol content on the source of the protein you consume You will also need to pay attention to.

Source Of Protein For The Body

Protein source option that is recommended for your Consumption in the Diet;
  • Egg. Always consumption of chicken eggs or duck eggs from traditional farms. As far as possible avoid the eggs of eggs except eggs that are kept organic and omega-3 enriched eggs.
  • The finned fish. Avoid eating: fish that are not finned, fish that live on the sea floor or river, clams, crabs, and oysters.
  • The meat is free-range chicken, without innards
  • Duck meat without skin, without innards
  • Nuts (peanuts, almonds, pischacio, green beans, red beans, an, soybeans, winged bean)
  • Yogurt,
  • Cider soy,
  • Sprouts,
  • Vegetables from the family of legumes,
  • Processed foods from soy beans
That is the source of proteins for our bodies, and benefits for our health.
Source Of Protein And The Benefits For The Body