Medical Treatment to Remove Acne Scars

How To Remove Acne Scars - In the medical world, there have been many treatments to deal with this problem. Usually the treatments performed are viewed based on the condition and type of scar. Treatments in each clinic are basically the same, but each clinic has a different strategy in dealing with the patient's scars.

By combining the treatments with each other, which is considered to be more effective for customer satisfaction. Here are the service kites that are common in every beauty clinic by medical treatment:

1. Facial

A facial skin care that aims to improve blood circulation and cell metabolism, antioxidants, erode dead skin cells, stimulate the formation of new cells, and helps the process of absorption of oxygen into the skin (Inasa clinic).

2. Chemical Peeling

Skin rejuvenation technique by peeling the surface layer of the skin up to a certain layer, using peeling fluid applied to the entire surface of the facial skin. With this skin care technique can make the skin glow bright, dull-free, skin texture becomes smooth and supple, fade acne scars and spots, and also tighten the skin.

3. Dermaroller

Therapy on the skin by using serum and fine needle rolling on the surface of the skin with a certain pressure. This treatment can tighten the skin, shrink the pores, reduce the sting, stretch marks, and also improve the appearance of uneven skin due to acne scars.

4. Microdermabrasion

Skin-exfoliation technique using sterile aluminum crystal powder (once dispose), to smooth the surface of the skin, remove dead skin cells, stimulate new skin regeneration, and stimulate collagen formation.

5. CO2 laser

The Mode of therapy by using a laser to perform collagen remodeling in the dermis layer of skin.

6. Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Skin rejuvenation technique using non-laser light, such as to brighten the skin, remove stains of stubborn red rice, eliminate fine wrinkles, overcome acne, and also remove unwanted hairs.

7. Mesotherapy

Therapy by including vitamins or drugs into the skin with various purposes such as whiten and lighten skin, remove acne or spots, destroy fat, etc.
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That is how to remove acne scars with medical services that are commonly found in beauty clinics. Reported in one web beauty clinic, that acne scar can not be repaired 100%. Nevertheless, many people have tried to say quite satisfied with the results obtained, although to get the above services is not cheap (for me).

Over time, how to remove acne scars quickly, described above, originally only we can find in beauty clinics, but now it can be done in beauty salons such as facials, peeling, and dermaroller.
Medical Treatment to Remove Acne Scars