Is It True That Lemon Water Can Lose Weight?

Benefits of lemon water for weight loss - Drinking fresh lemon juice cold in the hot air may be very refreshing. Similarly, while you enjoy a cup of warm lemon water in the cold afternoon. This will help you feel comfortable.

But apparently the benefits of lemon water is more than just give you a sense of comfort and fresh. Lemon water is also said to be good for helping you lose weight. Looks interesting not when we can lose weight in a way that is refreshing and comfortable like that?

But as far as the effectiveness of water use lemon to diet? How does the lemon water can work helps the process of losing weight? Some of the bigger picture, we will try to get across to reveal the deeper benefits of lemon water to your diet.

As Good As What The Benefits Of Lemon Water?

Basically utilize the lemon water as your daily intake by consuming the same benefits of lemon. This is because in most cases the composition of the lemon water is composed of water and juice of lemon. Lemon water is sometimes added sugar, mint or honey also cinnamon.

According to site SELFNutritionData, lemon itself contains a very low calories, only about 21 calories or approximately 1% of the body's needs. The major components of lemon are vitamin C reaches 83.2 mg. Of Vitamin a is dominant to other B vitamins, including B6, B1, B2, B3 and B5.

Fiber components in lemon climbed 20% body needs for one lemon, mostly fiber component pectin which is a type of soluble fiber.

With the content of a number of minerals especially calcium and copper. Some other mineral components in lemon, among others, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

In addition to vitamins, mineral and lemon are also known to be rich in phytochemical components. Ascorbat acid component as part of the vitamin C became one of the dominant.

Then there are also components of other phytochemicals such as glycosides, flavonoids, kaemferol, lemonin, hesperidon, citrat acid, polyphenols, and eriocitrin diosmin. This is described in depth in the page AUTHORITY NUTRITION.

Some components of the phytochemicals in lemon is known to benefit against the burning of energy, optimization of absorption of glucose, liver function, maximization of existing anti-cancer, anti cholesterol and diabetes. It also gives benefits on gastrointestinal function and absorption of food.

How are the benefits of Lemon water to your Diet?

It turns out that there are indeed some good role of lemon water can help you lose weight. And some of the roles we describe in the following explanation:

1. Lemon water contains low calories

Drinking water is an absolute and fixed body needs you do even if you are in the process of dieting. And consuming lemon water gives you several advantages.

One of them is explained in site SELFNutritionData that the drink is very low in calories, even 1 glass of lemon water made from 200 ml water and the juice of ½ lemon without sugar will only contain 6 calories.

Even when you add 1 spoon honey addition of calories obtained is still quite under the tolerance of dieters. This choice wisely for you than soda or other fruit juice to remove the thirst. Given the levels of calories in these drinks can be over 200 calories.

And of course it's already a public secret, the more wisdom You in controlling the intake of calories into your body, the better your body can effectively lose weight.

2. Lemon water Can keep the body hydrated

As explained, although the diet, keeping the body hydrated is a must. Your body will experience a decrease in metabolism just because of dehydration. And disorders of blood circulation due to the moisture content in the blood is reduced its own disturbing fat burning performance.

Properly hydrated will also help improve the performance of the body, including muscle and formation of energy performance. As long as you stay hydrated You can give loads of muscles and do strenuous exercise better.

And interesting facts from Journal of Frontier Nutrition 2016 prove the benefits of body hydrated in preventing the formation of fat reserves and the combustion process. This effective help with the weight loss process.

Of course, we have to get across before, lemon water is the best choice to get your intake of drinks that are rich in vitamins and minerals without adding many calories in the body. This is how a healthy hydrated and safe for your diet.

3. Lemon water Can Encourage metabolism

Maintaining body condition remain hydrated helps maintain blood volume in stable condition. Water levels in the blood will help maximize the distribution of sugar and nutrients throughout the body. Each cell to get enough sugar so as to maximize combustion.

This helps improve metabolism, and in the end when your metabolism is still followed the body will begin to harness energy from fat reserves, after the glucose in the blood.

But the benefits of lemon water is certainly more than just plain water. Component of the citric acid in the lemon helps encourage fat burning and stimulates the liver to process fat in the abdominal area.

Just don't expect too much in a few days so the miracle drink makes Your belly evenly. Basically citrit acid composition in the lemon water is relatively small, so the effect could not be much effect. Consumption in the next few weeks may give results, but does not give you the magic.

4. Lemon water can increase HDL cholesterol levels

There is no fat components in a lemon, but the lemon itself contains components of lipids and acid which helps increase the levels of HDL cholesterol. Fiber in it helps decrease intestinal absorption against fat and bad cholesterol.

The acid in the lemon itself quite effectively help solve a cholesterol plaque settles in blood vessels. Are vitamin C in it effectively stimulate collagen production which is important in the regeneration of the cells of the blood vessels.

Basically there are benefits in lemon water to help cope with limited levels of bad cholesterol and improve blood circulation. In the long-term therapy of lemon water will help improve the ability of blood cells in delivering nutrients to all the cells of the body. A no small role that will help the cells to maximize the process of the formation of energy.

5. Lemon water can lower the levels of fat and insulin resistance

A research revealed in Nutrition Research by 2015 showed the existence of a benefit of lemon to lower fat levels in the body. Not only that, this research also proves the role of lemon against improvements to insulin resistance.

Hence in the consumption of a particular term, therapy with lemon water will help lower the levels of body fat, especially in the abdominal area. While enhancing the body's ability to respond to insulin signals.

Basically the lemon helps improve the ability of the insulin receptors on cells to respond better to the insulin signal. Lemon also increases liver insulin levels when the response becomes too high, there is the role of the liver to neutralize the insulin and withdraw the excess sugar in the blood out of the body through the urine.

This increase in liver function also causes liver function can maximize the lemon in doing fat secretion into a source of energy. And that's why most of the fat is lifted will be focused on the abdominal area which is close to the liver.

6. Benefits of Lemon water Can unleash a digestive

Pectin in lemon is the dominant fibre components that become factors of lemon has benefits good for digestion. Pectin is soluble fiber which helps slow down digestion by increasing the volume of water in the digestive tract.

On the one hand, the addition of water will hamper the absorption of the components of fats and cholesterol in the digestive tract. With the addition of the dominant acid component from lemon, fat component will be broken, failed absorbed and finally out into the stool.

Pectin itself helps simplify the process of disposal of feces, because thanks to pectin stool will be more tender. This is because a component of the water will be piled up on the colon and helps the stool more soft and easily removed.

Smooth digestion is one of the main keys of the diet. The process of disposal not only helped dispose of the leftover food from the stomach, but throw out the toxins and get rid of the fats from digestion.

In the pages of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2012, explained that the pectin from lemon will give benefit to decrease cholesterol levels, control of blood glucose and fat levels in the body.
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So there are indeed a number of fundamental reasons why some experts utilize the lemon water diet. Although the effect is actually not a lot is said to be the shortest people, certainly the long term effects will give effective results.

It's just that therapy with lemon water is not without risk. High acid content in some people it can be quite irritating. Some consumers have complained of lemon water increases the effect on gastric acid and creates the effect of heat on the stomach.

A number of herbal experts recommend to combine water with honey or lemon juice, turmeric. Both of these elements have an effect quite well to help dampen the effects of irritation from acid lemon water. That way you can get the expected benefits of lemon water with no side effects.

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Is It True That Lemon Water Can Lose Weight?