Fix Hemorrhoids that Torturing the easy way Here

How To Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally Without Side Effects - Hemorrhoids is one of the types of diseases that are quite disturbed, because it is not seldom cause pain torturing remarkable for its victims. I myself have experienced, willing to sit upright, ill want to sit slanted inappropriate and feels sore waist, then if more Defecate like the old one.

The more agonizing again hemorrhoid sufferers is if we eat is spicy, tasty on the lips but do not taste good in the ass when we're pooping anal feels hot and smarting so that had been swollen not become swollen and painful.
It's not just eating spicy foods the agonizing, but if there is no dry food/vegetable gravy or less drinking, then when defecate also ached even not rarely anal we bloody and sore. Therefore sufferers of Hemorrhoids if eating never too spicy and not too dry or less drinking.

To treat disease hemorrhoids, in addition to medical action, can also be done in the traditional way or natural. Well, for those of you who are interested in treating hemorrhoids with natural without the use of medical aid, then please take a look and do our share tips here.

Treating Hemorrhoids With Natural and easy way

1. The use of Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is known as one of the natural ingredients are good for addressing health problems on the hair. However, the gel of Aloe Vera itself has a pretty diverse function even for the purposes of overcoming hemorrhoids disease though. The use of Aloe Vera gel can reduce the effects of inflammation when applied on part of the rectum.

2. The use of roots of crop lemon

The roots of lime can be used as a natural remedy in tackling disorders of hemorrhoids. As for steps that can be done is to prepare lemon roots as much as fifteen to twenty grams. In addition prepare also leaves fresh purple with a rate of ten to fifteen grams.

After the ingredients are prepared, the second washing materials to clean and then boiled using water as much as 3 cups. After boiling, water and remaining 1 cup stew, you can use it as a daily consumption rate of half glasses per day.

3. Use the leaves and stems of the spinach thorn

Natural ingredients to treat hemorrhoids which further is by preparing the leaves and stems of the spinach thorns still fresh to taste. The next step, wash and boil the leaves and stems of the spinach until it boils. Subsequently adopted and use the steam for hemorrhoids that you suffered. The rest of the water, you can use it to soak your hemorrhoids.

So how to treat hemorrhoids disease the natural way, by making use of the leaves of plants that existed around the us.
Fix Hemorrhoids that Torturing the easy way Here