Did You Know, Insulin Analogue (Injection) Is Actually A Danger

Dangers Of Using Insulin Analogue (Injection) - When blood sugar soaring high and cannot be addressed by setting diet and drug-lowering sugar levels, a last resort to cope with a surge in blood sugar with Insulin Injection live. For individuals who experience insulin resistance, the choice would be useless because the body's cells resist insulin and thus will cause increased levels of insulin in the blood.
An increase in insulin that lasts a long time and very dangerous uncontrolled can lead to aging cells. Cells that aging can cause various diseases, triggered DNA mutations, so that created them is abnormal cells cancer cells.

One cancer that is closely related to insulin resistance is breast cancer. Cancer experts from London to convey most of the breast cancer marker found associated with high insulin levels on the individual concerned.

A study conducted in Japan in the late 1990 's by Yoichi Sugigama ovarian cancer specialist stating excess insulin is associated with excess weight, diabetes, and high blood pressure which is a factor of uterine and endometrial cancer triggers.

The experts found that the cancer is the second most experienced women who have high insulin levels or undergoing insulin therapy. That's due to the frequent use of insulin injection (analog), instead of curing the disease experienced by the use of insulin analogues will worsen in the future.

Source reference: The Book of diet anti-X without drugs by Lanny Lingga, PhD
Did You Know, Insulin Analogue (Injection) Is Actually A Danger