Best Diet Menu Guidelines, Losing 7 kilograms in a Week

How to lose weight in seven days (a week) - Losing 7 kilograms in 7 days seems difficult, With proper diet, it can be possible. In this article, we share 7 diet recipes for 7 days. These recipes are proven as effective for losing 7 kilograms naturally and healthy. If you apply this diet consistently, it will be as easy and fast as it should be. 

1. First Day Menu

Start diet with watery fruits such as apple, grapes, pear, and watermelon. Throughout the first day, you are only allowed to eat these fruits.

2. Second Day Menu

In the second day, you have to follow firm diet by eating vegetables. You can consume vegetable salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For a carbohydrate replacement, consume steamed or boiled potatoes in the morning as your breakfast menu.

3. Third Day Menu

In the third day, your menu should be more colorful. It means, combine a variety of fruits and vegetables to consume within a day. You are allowed to consume this menu more than 3 times if still feeling hungry. But don’t consume banana and potato. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water.

4. Fourth Day Menu

In the fourth day, you are only allowed to consume banana, milk, and mineral water. Consume them just in like that or process them into various menu such as banana milkshake or banana salad. Don’t add any fatty ingredients such as cheese or butter.

5. Fifth Day Menu

Those who undergo this diet usually feel their body lighter. In the fifth day, you are allowed to consume carbohydrate menu in a small portion such as 4 tablespoons of rice, 2 slices of bread or a few slices of potato but don’t consume them for dinner. Consume 7-8 slices of tomato twice.

6. Sixth Day Menu

Have some menu that contains vegetable and animal proteins like peanut butter, tofu, beef, fish, or chicken for breakfast. Have 5 tablespoons of rice and vegetables for lunch and fruits for dinner.

7. Seventh Day Menu

Have a complete menu for breakfast that consists of 5 tablespoons of rice or slices of potato, meat or fish, vegetables (can be carrot, broccoli, or cabbage) and fruits. For lunch, eat the same menu in a smaller portion and add juice into the menu. For dinner, you only need to consume fruits and mineral water.
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Follow this diet firmly. After 7 days, you will see the result. If you need to lose more, have a break for 2 days and repeat these diet menu.
Best Diet Menu Guidelines, Losing 7 kilograms in a Week