Healthy, Tasty and Not Nasty Green Juice

Healthy, Tasty and Not Nasty Green Juices - Green juices are nasty. That’s what some people will think about especially for juices made of green vegetables. Can they be tasty? Nope or so what some may think. Do you think of the same? How about trying the following recipes for healthy, tasty and yet not nasty green juices? 

1. Apple Cucumber and Spinach Juice

Apple is the great base for any juice and with great benefits like aiding digestion and lowering cholesterol levels. Cucumber has good antioxidants along with anti cancer and anti inflammatory properties. And spinach is rich in vitamins, minerals and a set of anti-cancer properties. To make this juice, you need:
  • 2 cucumbers. 
  • 2 medium Fuji apples. 
  • 4 handfuls of the green spinach. 
Wash the ingredients properly and chop cucumbers and apples into smaller chunks.
Add all ingredients into a juicer and wait for the juice to come out.

2. The Swiss Chard Lemonade

Swiss chard is known to be loaded with B vitamins along with minerals for healthier eyes and hair. Meanwhile, the lemon will add vitamin C to the fresh juice. The ingredients for this juice include:
  • A bunch of Swiss chard. 
  • A medium pear. 
  • A medium cucumber. 
  • A tablespoon of honey (raw is recommended). 
  • 2 large lemons. 
  • 2 green apples. 
Wash all ingredients properly.
Peel the lemon skin and slice the apples, cucumber, and pear into smaller chunks.
Toss all ingredients into a juicer to start juicing except for honey.
After the juice is collected in a glass, add the honey.

3. Minty Pineapple Kale Juice

Pineapple is a great fruit to help digestion and has been associated with the reduction of various inflammation disorders. Kale at the other hand is one of the healthiest greens. It helps to boost body immune system, helping detoxification, supporting cardiovascular, building bone, healing skin and fight cancer with anti-cancer properties. For this juice, you need:
  • 3 leaves of kale.
  • 1 cup of sliced pineapple.
  • 1 whole granny smith apple.
  • 1 cucumber.
  • A half of lemon.
  • A handful of mint leaves.
Prepare all ingredients needed. Wash the kale leaves.
Peel the skin of the lemon and slice the apple and cucumber into smaller chunks. Put them in a juicer and wait for the fresh juice.

Those are some healthy, tasty and not nasty green juices. They are easy to be made and you can try them anytime. These juices are not only healthy but also giving tons of benefits for health.
Healthy, Tasty and Not Nasty Green Juice