Effects of areca nut (Betel Nut) to Increase Male Virility

Juice of betel nut to increase the Virility of men - The majority of the community is certainly already know with the areca nut. Betel palm has a variety of names ranging from Jambe, Bua, Penang, Pineung, and more. Areca Nut has high characteristics of straight — can reach a height of 25 meters — and not the header. Stem leaves are shaped like a tube with a length of 80 cm and reaches the end of its leaves seemed torn.

In Java, many Areca grows in areas with an elevation of about 1,400 meters above sea level. This plant also has fruit that turns out to be much used for treating various types of diseases.

Substances that are contained in the areca nut covers arecolidine, arecaidine, guvacoline, guracine, and some other compounds. Meanwhile, the seeds of this plant are also beneficial, contain the principal such as arekaina and arekolina which are addictive and can stimulate the brain.

In traditional societies, the areca nut is usually made into a mixed one for eating of betel. However, most of the people are already making use of this fruit to treat disease, scabies, dysentery and bloody diarrhea also. Meanwhile, the seeds of areca nut is usually used to treat diseases of the intestinal worms, especially to treat tapeworms.

Juice Areca Nut, Male Stamina Enhancer

Many people are looking for various ways to increase male stamina so as not to make haste, lackluster. To get a strong stamina, then the question of food and supplements must be considered optimal.

Talk about supplements, many of which may not yet know if it turns out the Areca Nut can be used as natural supplements to increase male stamina.
From ancient times until now, many people believe that Areca Nut has a special content that can improve male virility.

For example, it was said, a lot of our soldiers who use Areca Nut when they should be fighting against the invaders and wandering in the Woods.

They consume a lot of areca nut as a meal everyday. And proven, many of those who have great stamina, though rarely get food rations.

The areca nut is also believed to increase the stamina of adult men, particularly those who are already married. Areca Nut juice that can be created is also mixed with various ingredients.

Efficacy of the Areca Nut juice known to enhance the vitality of the man. If you do not believe, can try to pay a visit to a restaurant in the area of Natural Fences, Lampung city in Indonesian.

The restaurant in particular provide fruit juices to enhance male virility Areca Nut. The taste of his juice bitter enough so that must be neutralized by the use of white sugar.

However, to give it a try, you do not need to go far to Indonesian. You can make this traditional herb in your home. The trick is pretty easy.

How To Make Juice Areca Nut

  • After 1 young areca nut is not yet prepared to harden, separate from the chaff.
  • Then, mix it with egg yolk chicken or duck egg.
  • Combine the honey and milk to taste.
  • Then, blend until smooth.
Well, before it was served, the Areca Nut juice should preferably be screened first to separate the Lees so as not ingested.

The betel nut juices should be drunk a few hours before you want to perform spousal relationship so that the result is truly felt. If less trust, then you can try it yourself!

Source : www.deherba.com
Effects of areca nut (Betel Nut) to Increase Male Virility