Don't miss the 10 benefits of onion to your body!

Benefits of onion To body health - Who is not familiar with red onion, instead it's like herbs on this one not to be missed is available in your home kitchen. Because almost every meat offering varied Archipelago do indeed need to include red onion as condiments. Fresh aromas and flavors is one of the key in creating perfection in cooking.

But apparently, the benefits of Onion is not only for the kitchen. Because the benefits of Onion is also very widely to help maintain your health and help you cope with a number of health complaints. What are the actual benefits of red onions? We brought together a number of benefits this onion from a number of sources which we will describe as follows.

1. helps stabilize blood sugar

Most cases of type 2 diabetes comes from the inability of the pancreas in producing enough insulin to process glucose in the blood. This makes the glucose in the blood cannot be absorbed by the cells and optimal termetabolisme. Excess glucose is what then makes a person experienced hyperglycemia that leads to diabetes.

In the chromiom compound found red onions which proved to help the performance of the pancreas and help increase insulin production. Not only that, the onion has a low glycemic index levels so it is safe to be consumed by people with diabetes the weight though.

Anthocyanin content in onions also stimulates cells in the body to make it more effective at absorbing glucose in the blood that will accelerate the process of decreasing the levels of sugar in the blood.

2. Helps reduce cholesterol levels

According to Dr. Victor Gurewich, Director of The Tufts University Vascular Laboratory, St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Boston said eating regularly ½ onion medium-size fruit every day for 2 week will help reduce 30% bad cholesterol levels in the blood and helps improve HDL levels in the blood.

Furthermore, in onion found large amounts of content of flavonoid quercetin types who work effectively to prevent the formation of plaque in the arteries due to cholesterol and hardening of the deposition in the blood vessels.

Shallots can work as an anti coagulant, including to prevent the onset of deposition of blood, blood vessel constriction, and the rupture of blood vessels due to the hardening of the blood vessels.

3. Help drive the immune system

The content of polyphenols and quercetin in onions proved to work as an immune system stimulant. His ability to work as antioxidants help cope with free radicals in the body. Proven reduced sediment free radicals in the body has a big benefit against the ability of the immune system of the body.

On the other hand in the onion also found the ability antihistamik. This ability is beneficial in controlling the body's durability system, controlling excessive histamine compounds which act to cause a number of allergic reactions.

Though not as much as in garlic, onion also contains the biosulfur worked as an anti bacterial. Coupled with a number of other anti bacterial components of the onion helps the body resist bacterial attacks. Some of the traditional therapy for complaints of intestinal worms, canker sores, and sore throat symptoms using the onion as raw material.

4. Good for heart health

In addition to its role in maintaining blood vessel health and cope with excess cholesterol, onion is also recognized as one of the great helpful herbs to your heart.

Shallots are said to be able to help maintain the health of cells in the heart and blood vessels to protect the health of the Center will act protects you from large number of complaints of the heart.

5. As an anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory ability is relatively dominant in the onion will help you overcome various complaints to inflammation in both the surface of the skin with topical therapy or body with oral therapy.

According to whfood said in onion there is a type of compound sulfur unique named onionin that works to inhibit the performance of macrophages, a type of white blood cell that has a capability of coping inflammatory with more effective.

In the International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology also described the role of dominant enough number of quercetin in onions. Quercetin proven alleviates inflammation, overcome the attacks of pathogenic bacteria that causes infections and accelerate the process of cell regeneration so some times speed up the repair process on inflammatory.

6. Prevent Cancer

In the content of anthocyanin found red onions, quercetin and allicin which has the ability to prevent the formation of abnormal cells, helped shape the antigen that attacks the formation of abnormal cells also act as antioxidants that fight free radicals.

As we know the radicals worked as carcinogens causes oxidation of the cells and trigger the destruction of cell regeneration system that leads to the formation of tumor cells and cancer.

Polifenolnya content keep continuity cell regeneration is running normally. So as to offset the damage that may occur due to a number of processes and mechanisms of the body.

7. Maintaining healthy digestive system

The onion also plays a major role in helping to maintain the health of the digestive system, including the intestines, enzymes, gastric acid production and disposal. This is because in the onion found levels of soluble fiber and cannot dissolve relatively high,

Especially the kind of oligofruktosa that being healthy fibre compound which acts not only waging a digestive but improve production system enzymes and gastric acid.

The onion also plays tackle sediment residues and toxins from the food. Also good to keep the balance of bacteria in the gut. So help clean the intestines, the stomach and the large intestine, including preventing the formation of colon cancer.

8. Caring for skin health

In the red onions were found the content of vitamins A, C, and E which act to prevent premature aging, acne and a number of complaints address the skin damage due to sun exposure.

Red onions are also rich in anti-oxidants that will help stabilize oil production, address the buildup of free radicals which are inherent and embedded in the skin. Also helps skin regeneration process.

Therapy with the onion would be beneficial to address skin irritation due to sun exposure is also good to address acne, skin dull due to premature aging sertamengembalikan skin color and brighten stained due to acne scars or pigmentation.

9. Stabilize hormonal conditions

In a number of special diet order given to sufferers of hormonal inflexible pieces of Onion will always be included in the list. This is because there is a big role proven onion against hormonal stability.

Content of Phytochemical in it acted to prevent healthy androgen hormones turn into estrogen, the hormone estrogen dominance renovations that will trigger a number of health complaints, overcome a decline in liver function and help improve the function of the gland. Eating red onions are also good to prevent painful menstruation and menses.

10. Help nourish the bone

Still with regard to its ability to address the complaints of hormonal instability, red onions proved instrumental maintain bone health. It is said that those who consume red onion with routine will have more healthy bone structure and in old age than those who do not regularly consume red onion.

This was due to a decrease in the hormone estrogen at the time someone entered menopause lowers the levels of calcium in the bone. While calcium itself became an important component in the density of the bones healthy and strong.

In addition, the onion gives benefits on the repair of damage to the joints, cope with damage in the connections between cells in the tissues of the body, helping to push the process of metabolism of vitamin D which gives good benefits on bone health.

One of the content that makes the onion so useful is the content of quertecin, a type of flavonoid that is especially potent overcome free radicals. In addition to his abilities as an antioxidant, quertecin also has the ability of anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.
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As it turns out, the onion is not only important for the functioning of your cereal delights today, but also your health for current and long-term. Not wrong if every day we always add the onion as a condiment dish. Even when possible be sure to consume raw onions to get the benefits of onion with be optimized again.

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Don't miss the 10 benefits of onion to your body!