This Is The Danger Of Consuming The Sugar Fructose

What Is The Sugar Fructose? What Are The Dangers Of Consuming The Sugar Fructose For Diabetics, Obesity, Hypertension Cholesterol And Triglycerides? -Actually there is fructose sugar in fruit and vegetables, this is the natural sugars that are healthy if not excessive consumption. But the sugar fructose can also be created for example from cobs of corn. Fructose is not natural is now widely used in modern food production. The market is known as High Corn Syrup (HFCS) or also called High Fructoce Syrup (HFS). A variety of food and drinks are now available in the market contain some HFS as a replacement for sugar cane.

Ranging from sparkling beverages, occur, the soft drink, juice, energy drinks in packaging, syrup, candy, jelly and a variety of snacks in the modern sense enrich with HFS. Diet Cola is the most products contain fructose, fruit sugar which does not naturally creates the typical delicious taste sensations on the drinks, fruit juice, cola and other bottled products.

To facilitate your shopping, we suggest that you should read the packaging of food or drinks that you will buy. Various studies, consumption of HFS tend to trigger addiction to sugar, the sweet taste of the HFS stimulates the brain to want the same food.

In such a condition, the balance is disturbed so that harmony between neurotrasmitter hormonal hunger which is inside the stomach and the brain does not run as expected. Gratification of dopamim when uncontrolled appetite is the main cause of the pandemic of obesity experienced by modern society. In this case the HFS can serve as the cause.

Replace sugar cane with sugar fructose as done by the diet drinks producers turned out to be not the right solution to address insulin and blood sugar which is not normal. Study for 4 years by researchers from the university of Massachusett said, the consumption of diet soda drink that uses sugar fructose for 4 years in improving significantly X-syndrome (Diabetics, Obesity, Hypertension Cholesterol And  triglycerides) in teenagers and men and women aged about 50 years.

Metabolic Syndrome they experienced due to sugar addiction which can not be addressed due to the influence of fructose. Other studies mention, 1 can of cola beverages consumption per day cause body fat. Obesity happening in some developed countries, one of which participated and influenced by increasing fructose consumption.

Impact of cell damage caused by fructose is much worse than glucose. Fructose accelerates cell death 5 times faster than glucose. This is because fructose trigger rate of glycation of hemoglobin that is faster than glucose. If the age of a normal red blood cell is 120 days, then consumption of fructose will shorten the lifespan of red blood to 25 days.

The condition became progressively worse if high intracellular iron levels, giving rise to what is called caramelization that is a process that causes aging cells take place drastically. These conditions, among others, causing elastin broken, thus causing the skin easily wrinkled, crystalin (protein in the lens of the eye) were destroyed so that the eyes of the eyes become blurry. The aging of the cell due to fructose causes collagen to 30% shrinkage that occurs in the skin, bones, arteries, and veins.

Another bad impact caused by consumption of HFS is the increase of HDL and triglycerides. The mechanism of increased blood fat associated with increasing the level of insulin after fructose goes into the blood stream. The fructose present in the HFS faster absorbed cells than sugar table or other natural sugars. The fructose entering a cell without any assistance, do not require insulin such as glucose.

So being in the cell then HFS will be a source of carbon (asatil CoA) that eventually formed the triglycerides and cholesterol. Thus, the concern is not just against HFS associated with increased blood sugar level, but also on cholesterol and triglycerides. The bad impact of other form of liver damage. This is the cause of the weakening rate of metabolism that are worth your notice.

In addition to raises the sugar addiction, HFS also are anti nutrients. A study by United States Department of agriculture (United States Department of Agriculture) or USDA, mentioning the consumption of HFS can deplete the reserves of available calcium and magnesium in the body.

The decline in mineral calcium and magnesium is encouraging insulin resistance becomes increasingly severe due to the two minerals is necessary for setting blood sugar levels. Adequacy of calcium and magnesium is also required to activate thyroid function, the body's electrolyte balance, as well as maintain heart muscle coordination to work normally.

In addition, the lack of calcium and magnesium need to look out for as the cause of osteoporosis. A study stating the habit of consuming drinks that use fructose as a sweetener is proven to increase the risk of osteoporosis on the individual concerned.

The final study conducted in the US on hundreds of sufferers of arthritis can be inferred that the HFS cause recurrence back arthritis. Then the researchers suspect the recurrence of arthritis process has to do with the production of eicosanoid (inflammatory molecule) that results from HFS

That's the danger of the sugar fructose that is not natural in the drinks in packs like cola, fruit juice in packs, and other bottled products. In addition to drinks, snack on also often we come across. Then we recommend that you pay close attention, thorough on the packaging if you buy it.

Source : Adapted from the book "Diet Anti-X" without the medication along with Lanny Lingga Ph.d
This Is The Danger Of Consuming The Sugar Fructose