The Right Time To Consume The Fruit

When Is The Right Time To Consume The Fruit? - Most people think the right time to consume the fruit when after breakfast lunch or dinner, in fact some say "eat the fruit as a dessert" so many fruits are provided in the table. But it turns out that it's wrong to friend, for some people it might have no effect at all eating fruit after the main meal, but in people who have problems of excessive blood sugar, cholesterol and diabetes, this will cause havoc in the body.
As we know that, in fruit there is content of sugars (fructose and glucose), fruits also includes healthy carbohydrate sources especially on fruit that has a low sugar content.

But the sugar content in fruit would also cause problems if taken the wrong way and the time is not right. Fruit sugar will quickly get into the blood stream of sugar results in the breakdown of starch and protein.

The difference between indigestion caused brewing and decay in the flow of fruit consumption if indigestion along with other foods that slow is converted into sugars such as starch and protein. If the process imposed form of alcohol which caused the gas.

To prevent this, the fruit should be consumed 30 minutes before meals or 2 hours after eating foods containing flour. Given the time it takes to digest the protein takes place slowly, so if you intend to consume the fruit after eating a main meal high in protein, you should have to consume 3-4 hours after eating.

Specifically for apples, lemons and oranges can be consumed at the adjacent to main meals with protein content and mealy. Low sugar content and high pectin in fruits that causes the brewing-not held fast as other fruit.

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Special fruit of the avocado (avocado) can you treat food like mealy. Although fruits including avocado but have the time a much slower indigestion than fruits in General. You can consume the avocados along with food mealy.

If you want to consume foods high-protein food when the main meal, make sure the avocado you consume a minimum of 2 hours after food. OK, a friend, that's the correct fruit consumes tips, at the right time for consumption. Hopefully useful ....

Source : Adapted from the book "Diet Anti-X" without the medication along with Lanny Lingga Ph.d
The Right Time To Consume The Fruit