The Benefits Of The Leaves and The Papayas For Health

The benefits of the leaves and the fruit of the Papayas For Health - The fruit of the papayas many we come across in our pages,Though the fruit of papayas including fruit that cheap and easy to get, but never looked down on the question of the property. Since the first fruit of the papaya is believed to provide many benefits for man. Good for health and beauty.

types of papayas also many but we will talk about here is the benefits of the fruit as well as the leaves for our health..Papayas including in the Caricaceae family. This papaya tree comes from Mexico and normal cultivated in house or garden. The papaya fruit is mature colored orange or red young man. It was sweet and contain a lot of water.

Nutritional content of the fruit of the Papaya

Vitamin A (1.750 IU)
Vitamin B ( 0.03 mg)
Riboflavin (0.04 mg)
Niacin (0.3 mg)
Vitamin C (56 mg)
Calcium (20 mg) Iron (0.3 mg)
Phosphorus (16 mg)
Potassium (470 mg)
fat (0.1 gr)
Carbohydrates (10 gr)
Protein (0.6 gr)
Calories (39)

The benefits of the leaves and the fruit of the Papayas For Health

1. For the health of the skin
Papayas have an active role in the beauty and health, one only to the surface of the skin in the case of moisten or enlighten and refreshes the skin dull. This is caused by the content of vitamin A, C and E in papaya fruit.

2. Optimize the function of the digestive system
is explained that papayas can streamline constipation, this is due to the high fiber content in the fruit of the papaya is absorbed with perfect by the digestive system of the body. While the content of antioxidant able to clean the remaining food in the intestines and throw it through the disposal channels.

3. Reduce the risk of the eye is damaged
if you people who are looked at with glass screen each day, fill the needs of vitamin A so that the eyes stay healthy and fresh. The way the meat consumption routine papayas on certain hours, for example shower eat or break times. Thus the risk of the eyes of the less damage.

4. Deter free radicals
if the body experiences free radicals, skin will suffer various issues such as wrinkled. For that if you do not want to look old at a young age, zealous of the diligent to eat the fruit of the papayas because the content of antioxidant able to deter free radicals.

5. As a panacea for the teether poisonous snakes
need treatment as soon as possible if you are affected by the teether poisonous snakes. Prepare 5 shaft finger root papayas, clean with water, smooth with bruised, apply this drug on the skin that touches gnaw. After it is wrapped using cloth, change 2 times daily

6. Anti-inflammatory on the skin
can be caused by burned or affected by the hot exhaust, immediately remedy with this formula. The womb and chymopapain papain that can ease the inflammation and wound healing fuel. The benefits of this is that then can be used to help heal various wounds on the skin psoriasis and various other skin diseases.Take the skin of the fruit of the papayas, squeeze excess and trays since. Apply on the skin that scalding evenly and keep it pleased. When the skin of scalding too wide, use the flesh of the fruit of the papayas that are bruised for treating it.

7. Drug Fever or Malaria
Take a piece of papaya leaf, beaten up to meet 1/2 glasses. Pour the water as 3/4 cup, and enter the salt. Squeeze excess papaya leaf, filtered water and drink 3 times daily. This treatment can you perform a minimum of 5 days in a row in a week.

8. The desire to eat multiply
you or the little is not appetite? Try medication to stimulate appetite. How to quote a piece of papaya leaf, wash and blend with your hands. Add salt and water little by little as much as 1/4 glass, squeeze excess leaves. Drink water until the empty.

9. Cure Flu and Cold
Misquote 2 sheet of papaya leaf young, blend, pour water, afterwards pressed. Add salt and drink water citrus papaya leaf is daily 2 times to the dosage of children, and 4 times a day for adult dose.

10. Heal the sick teeth
by simply drop lymph papaya leaf young people on the teeth of the sick using cotton. Do until all the bacteria are killed and the pain of teeth recede.

11. Prevent heart attack and stroke
high antioxidants content on the fruit of the papayas can prevent oxidation of cholesterol and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke

12. Maintain kidney health
in addition to its fruit seeds papayas also contains essential nutrients for health. Papaya seeds contain flavonoid and phenotic, an active substance that plays an important role in maintaining the health of the kidneys.

13. Prevent premature aging
antioxidant content in the papaya useful deter free radicals that can cause various problems in the skin such as shiny, sagging, etc.

That is the 13 benefits of fruit as well as papaya leaf,there may be
more benefits that echelons that may not be revealed please find themselves...
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The Benefits Of The Leaves and The Papayas For Health