How To Slimming The Body By Age

How slimming the body based on Age - As you get older, the weight tends to be easier to ride. Gaining weight is influenced by a variety of things ranging from hormonal changes in the body up to a lifestyle that is living. Following the strategy of slimming the body that can be chosen based on your age:

1. Age 30 's

When entering the age of 30, the body will experience loss of muscle mass accretion related to age. The number of calories burned in the body will decline when you enter this age. Well, based on this, do the following:

Exercising the abdominal muscles with exercise Pilates
Most women when age 30s, already have a child so that the shape of the body will experience a change of post birth. Not surprisingly, at this age, the sport became an important part in keeping the body shape. The recommended sports in this age range is pilates. Based on research, it is considered more effective than training the abdominal muscles sit ups, as well as being able to strengthen the back muscles and hips.

Meet protein needs
When age 30s, takes weight training to maintain muscle mass. This is necessary in order for the calorie-burning due to metabolism remains stable. To maintain muscle mass, protein is required. And to meet the required protein intake, you can eat salmon, meat, milk, cheese, soy and nuts. Benefits of protein i.e. overcome hunger and improve the metabolism of the body.

Adequate intake of calcium
At this age, intake of calcium to the body is so important because the bone will probably start porous. Well, for the sufficient intake of calcium, you are advised to consume milk, yogurt, cheese, sardines, soy, as well as various kinds of dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, water spinach, and kale. The foods that contain calcium is not only good for bone health, but also assist the body in burning more fat.

2. The age of 40s

When stepping on the age of the 40s, weight loss will be more difficult. This can be due to changes in activities, eating habits, and the influence of hormones. Do the following ways as how slimming the body ages 40s:

Choose A High-Protein Food Food
Specifically, the protein can increase the metabolism in the body, as well as making the stomach feel full longer. It is very important for body slimming. In addition, protein boosts your immune system, reduce inflammation and pain and increase the flow of oxygen. The habit of consuming the protein must be continued, particularly of proteins that have not been contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, hormones or growth.

Exercise 2-3 times per week
At this age, the body's metabolism begins to slow down, so slimming body increasingly difficult. Suggested routine exercise coaching strength is at least 2-3 times a week to maintain your weight. Exercise is recommended for ages 40s be body weight training like push-ups and squats. Because, more and more muscle in the body, then the calories burned will more.

Do Not Skip Breakfast
Breakfast is very important to do. The experts recommend for healthy breakfast, among others with eating oatmeal or whole wheat bread with fruit. These habits can reduce hunger and prevent excess while eating lunch hour. In addition to the breakfast in the morning, You are also advised to always place the vegetables and fruit at every meal that is consumed.

Insufficient Sleep Time
When the age of 40, bedtime can be messy because of the wide variety of things, ranging from health problems, the effects of treatment, menopause, and stress. Well, bedtime are messy and not qualified can have an effect on Your weight gain. Research on more than 60 thousand women show, only 5 hours sleep can trigger weight gain 1.3 kg more than those who slept for 7 hours.

3. The age of the 50 's

At the age of these women will enter the period of premenopause, that transitional period before entering menopause. In these times of body metabolism will be increasingly slowing down, so a lot of women who are vulnerable to experiencing weight gain in this age range. No need to be concerned, here's how to lose weight which can be applied:

Reduce Your Servings Of Snacks
At this age, your body will burn 200 calories less than age 30 's. It is important to trim servings of snacks.

Multiply fibrous foods
It is advisable to consume foods high in fiber such as whole grains and beans for food high in fiber is capable of speeds up the digestive system in General and keeping blood sugar levels steady. The hunger was not going to be easy because the foods high in fiber appears takes longer to digest.

Exercise every day
It is recommended to do light exercise for an hour every day. If you are too busy, you can get around the body in order to keep it moving as it brings the way pets, use stairs when activity, or run fast.

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How slimming the body based on age can be a step taken to lose weight and reduce the risk of emergence of various diseases related to excess weight. If you have a specific health condition, consult a doctor before doing the steps above.

How To Slimming The Body By Age