Cucumber Juice Efficacy To Lower Hypertension

Cucumber Juice efficacy to lower high blood pressure - cucumber is the types of vegetables that are cheaper and more available throughout the year, most commonly used for various attachment menu dishes as a salad and some ways beauty treatment. The fruit is very high water content is actually indeed many contain substances that many benefits for health and beauty. Cucumber also often used by some people to remove the rims black around the eyes . Actually the magic of cucumber more broadly, and one of them is popular as a natural drugs to reduce you high blood pressure. So before trying to chemical drugs to lower high blood pressure, you first you can try to drink juice cucumber!

Reduce Hypertension with drink juice cucumber.

High blood pressure is a condition that can be caused by many factors, especially genetics, stress and bad lifestyle such as foods high in salt, high saturated fat(such as fried food), and bad habits such as smoking rooms. Before it is recommended to drink chemical drugs, health experts usually recommend the patient to change toward a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress. If the condition does not show improvement, new chemical drugs will be recommended in addition to maintain the lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Therefore, beside you also regulates the lifestyle and diet you try plus with drink a glass of juice cucumber refreshing every day. There is a research that has been done recently that showed that the food contains high potassium, magnesium and fiber can reduce blood pressure. In the combine that with a healthy diet, systolic blood pressure research participants dropped to as much as 5 points and diastolic blood pressure drop to 3.5 points!.
Cucumber not only contains high three important nutrition, is also a source of Vitamin A , vitamin K, folate, caffeic acid, and silika. plus contain a lot of vitamin C, namely strong antioxidants which can also help lower blood pressure.

Select and create their own juice cucumber

juice cucumber is good quality and is made in itself. You can choose the fruit of the cucumber fresh ourselves in the market, Choose busah still young, with the characteristics of green and yellow are bursts out yet. In your juice fresh early rich active enzymes.

Cucumber is very good for juice made because the water content is very high. But if you want to participate include skin because most of the nutrition is actually contained in the skin.

Get cucumber that is cooled at the store and make sure they store it in the refrigerator when you return home - and do not forget washed clean when will in the extraction of the blender jar.

If you want an additional health benefits, try to mix it with carrots and 3 slices of celery because delicious if mixed with cucumber.

In addition to can help lower blood pressure, cucumber can improve the freshness of your skin, help hair growth, up to clean the kidneys.
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So if you want to reduce your blood pressure plus to increase good health, try to buy cucumber young and fresh for healthy juice you!!!!

Still cook your blood pressure so that it may be controlled and healthy and always ask for the advice of doctors. How to make cucumber juice to reduce cure hypertension will be provided on the next page, stay with us..

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Cucumber Juice Efficacy To Lower Hypertension