The Problem of Headache After Eating the Flesh of The Goat

A when a woman asked about headache after eating the flesh of goats, this story; I have this month move to the outside of the city and to my knowledge, I have low blood since the first.

And I want to ask, when yesterday after eating the flesh of the goat and cow suddenly headache, whether there is a relationship with the meat that I eat?

Answer by dr. Dyah Novita Anggraini a doctor General Medical Editor;
Unfortunately You do not provide certain data about how your blood pressure before and after that you say blood pressure down).

Normal blood pressure according to JNC VII located on numbers < 120/80 mmHg. Low blood pressure is the blood pressure < 90/60 mmHg and cause symptoms or complaints (dizziness, see strange women , drowned).

Related to the meat of the goat, it is true that can cause symptoms of headache if eaten excessive force because it can increase blood pressure especially in patients with high blood.

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Actually, in principle all types of red meat indeed can cause blood pressure to increase. For that we recommend this time so that you can eat more fruits, vegetables and physical activity which regularly.

So the information that we can mention, hopefully useful. .
The Problem of Headache After Eating the Flesh of The Goat