Want to Know The 5 Bath Habits That Result in Less Irritation?

5 things that cause the irritation on the Skin when you clean the Body - The activity room is making the body so clean and comfortable, but how the bath is not correct will also causes irritation on the skin. The skin feels more dry, often itching, or even infection that even you do not know what the main cause, try to think of what one of these habits you do the bath.

1. Wash with water of the shower is still surfing the steam
According To Melissa Piliang, MD, dermatology experts from Cleveland Clinic, besides drying the skin of the water that is too hot also risk eczema on the skin. When the water of the shower bath you produce steam, sign water temperature is still too hot for your skin.

Dr. Piliang recommends that you do not need to use the bath water is too hot to get the warm effect or the same calming effect.

How easy it, let the steam bath water warm up all the space in advance. When enough warm, lower the temperature of the water bath and wash your skin. In this way you can enjoy the summer without making the skin irritation.

2. Use antibacterial soap every time the bath
"Soap with antibacterial content that is used every day can be more harmful to the skin rather than protect. The problem is that most antibacterial soap contains diterjen hardware that can remove all the natural oil from the skin so that the vulnerable make and dry skin irritation," information dr. Piliang.

Moreover, triclosan antibacterial material used in some soap, has been associated with serious health problems.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that the ingredients are not poisonous to humans, but a study done on animals have shown that triclosan can change the hormone level.

Other laboratory study also found when chemicals would contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance. Dr. Piliang recommends, no need to use antibacterial soap every day. Look for a product free Scent granules are and contain moisturizers.

3. Using the rough sponge
According To Robynne Chutkan, MD, founder of Digestive Center for Women in Chevy Chase, Maryland and author of The Microbiome Solution, rubbing the body with a sponge sebanarnya does not need to be done when the body is not affected by dirt that appear. Just use a sponge on the fold areas such as seams of hands and feet, underarms or groin.

The problem is that brushing all parts of the skin using a sponge can eliminate the natural oil as well as bacteria "good" is important for the health of the skin. Even though the bacteria "good" can help you protected from pimples and eczema.

4. Lazy to clean the blade shaver
Blades are not cleaned after use, especially in store in the bathroom moisture, can become the nest germs. That is why you Pearl u rinse it with hot water before and after use, said Sanford Vieder, MD, from Lakes Urgent Care in Michigan.

Skip this step can make the skin infections, especially if the blades cut your skin.

"Besides regularly cleaned, make sure the blade shaver not blunt to avoid the skin wound and infected. Will Be very good when you change the blades once a week for the use of that often," added Dr Piliang.

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5. Forget to wear the base feet
"Flea water and genital warts can be derived from the general bath," Dr Piliang remind. "wear shoes bath or sandal clip when you are in a bathroom general can help avoid this problem."

So that when you decide to take a bath in the place that is used by many people such as gym or swimming location, it is useful to provide special sandals to wash. 5 things that cause the irritation on the Skin when you clean the body, so be careful when bathing
Want to Know The 5 Bath Habits That Result in Less Irritation?