Soap Anti Bacteria start banned in the United States, Why..?

Soap Anti Bacteria start banned in the United States, Why..? - The use of soap anti bacteria had become the main choices if we wash hands, but some types of contents which is usually used in antibacterial soap to wash their hands and the bath is now banned in the United States.

National Agency of Drug and Food THE UNITED STATES (FDA) announced the womb prohibited, among others triclosan and triclocarban. Antibacterial substances for some time last indeed debated side effects. Some danger related among other hormonal disorders, make bacteria immune, even cancer. Based on the rules and soap manufacturers can no longer be marketed products antibacterial soap if contains both the ingredients..

"This is because the manufacturer could not show that the womb is safe in the long-term use, and more effective than ordinary soap and water in preventing disease and the spread of infection," wrote the FDA said in a statement.

The FDA states that order only applies to products that require water, not hand washing product or a piece of damp cloth. Some companies in the US also have started to remove the content in its products for security reasons and public pressure.

In 2013, FDA asked companies soap provide evidence of security and effectiveness of antibacterial substances such as triclosan and triclocarban after research data showed the substance was associated with the hormonal disorders and bacterial resistance.

When companies that want to continue to wear the substances they must be able to prove the product effectively reduce infection compared to products that do not contain substances antibacterial.

Unfortunately, according to the FDA the producers could not provide enough evidence about the security and effectiveness of 19 types of antibacterial womb.

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"Consumers might consider wash hands with antibacterial soap more effectively prevent the spread of germs, but there is no scientific evidence that the products are better than ordinary soap and soap. Even, antibacterial substance in the long-term dangerous," said dr. Janet Woodcock director of the Center for Research and evaluation of drug FDA.
Soap Anti Bacteria start banned in the United States, Why..?