The Pregnant Mother, be Careful With Food And Beverages are...!!!!

The food required in Aware even in Avoid For Pregnant - pregnancy is the period of time a happy time for a mother or mother candidate, how do not? As other people want to have children but by the Lord not ceased in place also when the time of marriage is already many years passed and ultimately longs for generations. When you are pregnant should note the nutrition food that you consume, because not all the food or beverage is good for pregnant women there are even certain foods harms the baby is in the womb you.

The food you consume will have a direct impact against the baby in your womb, therefore the mothers or fathers we often advised not to eat this and that, because they have experience from their previous pregnancy. Below are some of the foods and drinks which required you aware..


1. Food containing alcohol

The discussion about alcohol seems to have been clearly. In 2005, US Surgeon General issued a statement that encourages all women and certainly pregnant women, to avoid alcohol consumption. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also stated that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Remember: If you consume alcohol, Your baby also, because alcohol will be directly received placenta.

Women who often consume alcoholic drinks put her baby on a high risk suffer alcohol spectrum disorder that can result in a variety of securities. Start from mild learning difficulties to severe, physical disorders and disorders of the central nervous system. A study at Indiana University in Bloomington in 2007 found that children of mothers who consume alcohol during pregnancy, will have behavior problems in childhood.

2. The food and drinks that contain caffeine

consume caffeine in high doses every day during pregnancy, whether it be coffee, tea, soda or energized. Since the first associated with an increased risk of miscarriages. A study from the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research In 2008 justify that fact.

The study found that women who consume 200 milligrams or more of caffeine every day (equivalent with two glasses of coffee or more, or five cans of soda with caffeine) have risk suffer miscarriages two times higher than those who did not drink it. "

is a good idea to consume drinks non-caffeine, especially in the first trimester, because this is the most at risk to suffer miscarriages," said Bridget Swinney, RD, author Eating Expectantly.

3. The meat may be polluted.

To purchase the flesh cold? Be careful! If the processing and it dies not handled properly when in the factory or in the flesh kiosks, the possibility of meat will be polluted Listeria. To watch, cooks meat that was purchased with a high temperature until it is done to turn off the bacteria. The flesh can only contaminated toxoplasmosis, namely parasites that can cause infections, baby death and serious health problems.

4. Mercury In fish

you would already know that mercury content that there are many in fish, dangerous for the baby. Mercury is a neurotoxin produced by that can cause the failure of the development of fatal brain on the baby. When mercury from pollution into the water and will be directly absorbed into the food chain. Start from the plants, small fish until the big fish. Fish with high Mercury content included in the list of forbidden consumed: sharks, tilefish, king mackerel, fish and tuna albacore.

But not all tuna fish bad effect. If you tuna sandwich lovers, select canned tuna with the level of Mercury content low. Of course, limit the consumption of one to two times a week (not more than 12 ounce). The error is often done some pregnant women is to stop the total consume fish. Though not all fish contain mercury-salmon, for example, does not contain mercury, thus is a source of omega 3 fatty acids that are needed during pregnancy. Whatever the type of fish consumed by, avoid raw fish and half a mature.

5. Soft cheese

should avoid the type of cheese such as Brie, Camembert, goat and feta (both from the milk of the goat), queso blanco, blue (blue spots), or fibrous type. Why? The type may not undergoing a process of pasteurisation and contaminated with the Listeria bacteria that can trigger food poisoning. "

cheese types of soft cheese is high risk because not preserved, like cheddar or Parmesan, where the bacteria die with natural," said Hope Ricciotti, MD, professor of gynecology from Harvard Medical School and author of I'm Pregnant! Now What Do I eat? And because of pregnant women have body resistant low, then they are vulnerable illnesses, caused food-if this happens on the first trimester pregnancy, can cause miscarriage or baby born prematurely.

6. The eggs

there is said to avoid the eggs which have a high quality source of protein and essential nutrients such as choline content. But the egg is also the risk of contaminated bacteria Salmonella of harmful bacteria for pregnant women.

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So make sure to get the eggs that 'secure. Buy eggs that are stored in the refrigerator and do not take the egg cracks or shelled dirty. Avoid eating eggs half mature, sauce salad that contains raw eggs, eggnog that not In pasteurisation, ice-cream non factory, and do not taste the cakes that have not yet been mature.

The plague some types of food and drink that required in aware by pregnant women. At least you will be more be careful in consuming food.
The Pregnant Mother, be Careful With Food And Beverages are...!!!!