How to Set up The Diet Vegans to Remain Balanced Nutrition

Vegetarians is the pronunciation for people who only eat plants and not consume food that comes from living things such as meat and poultry, but still may consume processed products such as animal eggs, cheese or milk.

Some people looked skeptical diet vegans because restrict themselves to the animal food intake. Feared, billed protein deficiency and other nutritional components.

"Fruits, vegetables, no proteins all. Only add a little with the nuts. There is no problem," said dr Hendry Widjaja, MARS, expert staff of the Indonesian Vegetarian Society,

In diet vegans, known well balanced nutrition pyramid even without food fats in it. The bottom section gives a portion of the most for the fruit and vegetables as a source of the main fibers.

Exactly in it, there is grain and other types of carbohydrate as an energy source. Soy milk and nuts as a source of proteins share a place in the position of the next.

Most of the small portion for the fat, which is of course Vegetable fat. This section, according to dr. Hendry just as needed.

Vegans diet, according to dr. Hendry is not much different from the diet in ancient times apply their fathers. Traditional food is proof of many dominated food from vegetable sources.

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"Example salad. The flesh how many times we eat?, at least once a year. Now the now only flesh become daily food," said dr Hendry.
How to Set up The Diet Vegans to Remain Balanced Nutrition