How to resolve dandruff in areas of the face and eyebrows

How to remove Dandruff around the face and eyebrows - Dandruff is usually found in the skin of the head. Although, Dandruff can also appear in the eyebrows, skin between the eyebrows, around the nose, moustache, or even under the neck.

Dermatolog from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Apple A. Bodemer, MD, said ketombe can occur as a result of fungi from Malassezia family eat from oil glands in the skin. The result is the irritation or allergic reactions in some people in the form of inflammation that produces the skin peeled off in red, itching, and finally appears the scales in the form of dandruff.

How to resolve dandruff in areas of the face and eyebrows

To overcome dandruff in the scalp, shampoo contains ketokonazol, selenium sulphide bearing, zinc pyrithione, sodium sulfacetamide and salicylic acid can be used. Therefore, when Dandruff arising in the eyebrows or area face, you can use the shampoo as washing the face.

"In the sense that apply shampoo in an area of no Dandruff and massage for a while. Then wait 3 to 5 minutes before you rinse it. In principle, when we want to resolveDandruff, then we must reduce the number of fungi in the area and minimize inflammation," said Bodemer to men's Health.

If Dandruff in the face of the thick enough, Bodemer advised to massage the area with palm oil first to softens and removes scale before you menterapinya with shampoo. After washing the face with shampoo, no trespass using cream hydrocortisone 1 percent to help ease the inflamed skin and burns, especially if feels itching.

Bodemer add, there is a natural way that also can be done to overcome Dandruff in face area. Use the tea leaves oil to the area, but be careful if you use essential oil pure tea because it can happen to irritation or allergies. For that, if I wear essential oil tea, good use products that contain 5 to 20 percent essential tea.

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"Or you can create your own with therefore dilutes 15 drops oil of tea with one tbsp of oil palm, gel aloe vera, and warm water or cleaning fluid face that you use. Use the care every day and then reduce the frequency to one or two times a week," said Bodemer.

Because and seborrheic dermatitis is chronic maintenance according to any Bodemer must be done long term. But if deemed as there is no improvement after applying maintenance, it is recommended to consult the doctor.
How to resolve dandruff in areas of the face and eyebrows