Avoid 6 Types of Food Before Exercise Sport

The type of food that is not good in the consumption Before practicing sports - sports is mandatory requirements for our body, imagine only if you rarely exercise the body will be vulnerable to disease, the body is not flexible so that if the fall is not balanced and as a result of injury is even worse, the body so loose and very easy to obesity that surely will be more illnesses, for men usually suffer premature ejaculation when related husband and wife, and still but getting rid of the disease again less exercise.

Talk to the sports of course it is also important to consume nutritious foods, not only nutritious but also healthy. Do you know when will exercise there is a specific type of food that you should avoid, as we quote from boldsky, released from East Java News, types of food were among others;


1. Eat Peanuts
Although nuts are healthy, this can be consumed with the right before sports. This also can cause the level of gas and bloating in the stomach.

2. Spicy food
consumption of spicy food before exercise is very influential on your sports movement. Should be avoided.

3. The consumption of junk foods
high food consumption of sugar and fat can slow down when you exercise and may impede the progress of weight loss you.

4. Green leaf
due to the high fiber content, the consumption of green vegetables before exercise because it contains a high fiber content. This consumption before exercise can cause gas and flatulence stomach during exercise.

5. The food greasy
this can create instant digestion and substance in some people who can prevent the complete sports session.

6. The bread of
each type of bread and other food that high carbohydrate content can cause flatulence when exercising, then need a long time to digest.

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That some of the foods that you should avoid if you want them to comfortable sport, though not fatal but the sport you will be interrupted and finally could not linger long.
Avoid 6 Types of Food Before Exercise Sport