11 Sign Your Body Malnutrition

What is the sign of the body lack of nutrition? - You need to know that, Malnutrition does not happen in one or two days, but accumulated are over a long period. The sign of the body are malnourished may ye not so aware of it.

The signs of the body you malnutrition:

1. The most common sign is a weight loss that is not planned. Even though so, there is also the fat seemed to malnutrition because he intake for consumption is not a healthy food.
2. Easy tired.
3. The concentration of decline.
4. Depression.
5. Not able to perform the tasks usually done.
6. Easily affected by the infection because the immune system decline.
7. The process of wound healing slowly.
8. Easy cold.
9. Changes in mood or mood.
10. Loss of appetite.
11. Easy to fall because the muscles of the lower.

The cause of the body lack of nutrition

Malnutrition occurs when you do not live a healthy diet. Or can also because of health conditions that make the body cannot absorb nutrients from food, or make you lose your desires or difficult to eat. The explanation of the following:
  • Too strict diet such as limiting certain food intake (sugar, salt, or fat) indeed can help overcome if you develops certain medical conditions. But it can make you lack the substance is also needed by the body.
  • Experience eat disorders such as anorexia nervosa. Fowl anorexia often vomited out the food that is eaten. This makes the body does not receive the nutrients.
  • Consume alcoholic beverage in the amount of many can interfere with the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body. This habit also might make addicts alcoholic drinks forget to eat, because they feel it is enough to just consume this beverage.
  • Develops the condition that makes the appetite disturbed such as nausea, heart disease, or cancer.
  • Develops the condition that makes the body is difficult to digest or absorb the nutrients such as Crohn disease.
  • Suffer dysphagia, a condition that makes a person feel pain when swallowing.
Another factor that contributed to the body of malnutrition which is the issue of the economy, less knowledge about nutrition, bad tooth condition so that the difficulty or pain to chew food, or appetite decreases as a result of a disorder in the sense of taste and smell. Memory disorders and dementia schizophrenia soul disorders can also create sufferers suffers from malnutrition due to eat not regularly or forget to eat at all.

To check whether the body are malnourished or not, you can Consulting to doctors. The doctor will calculate body mass index to know whether body weight and height you have balanced or not.

Overcome malnutrition must be adjusted with the cause. If the cause for certain conditions, the doctor will handle the conditions as well as improved nutrition body you.

The improvement of nutrition can be done with consume food with balanced nutrition that is determined by the doctor. Supplements may be given to provide additional nutrition.

Before the body are malnourished, you it is recommended to consume food with Balanced Nutrition every day. The food consists of fruits and vegetables, other dairy products, Carbohydrate food (rice, potato, bread, cereal or pasta), and food-protein nutriment (meat, eggs, fish or nuts).

You that seemed fat, lean, or being can only develops malnutrition. Make haste to consult a physician to know definitely whether you are still in the normal limit or excessive or lack of nutrition.

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11 Sign Your Body Malnutrition