The Relationship Snoring and Heart Disease

What is the relationship between sleep snoring with heart disease?- Those who have undergone coronary angioplasti therapy to open clogging or a narrowing of the blood vessels it is recommended to undertake a snoring treatment.

According to a group of researchers from the Central Hospital Kobe, Japan. It was found that if the snoring and respiratory disorders during sleep are ignored, patients who have been experiencing obstruction artery coronary artery disease at risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke until two times.

Why? Snoring is a sign of a narrowing of the respiratory tract during sleep. As a result the channel breath clogged and periodically has resulted in a reduction in the oxygen concentration.

Apnea sleep states or stopping the breath during sleep occurs when a person sleep snoring. In between the quiet snort problem stopped, and breath appear weight. The channel is currently blocked breath, and patients as choking in sleep.

In the condition of oxygen fell dramatically. Because the breathing, patients will choking to take breath suddenly. If seen waves of the brain sleep, the snoring woke up short without awake.

Imagine if this happens repeatedly throughout the night. As a result of oxygen up and down, and the snoring is truncated to cut the process of his bed. The bed snoring will feel no fresh and continue to drowsiness during the day even though the duration of the bed enough. This is called with hypersomnia, sleepiness excessive force.

The process wakes up and down rising oxygen will trigger the inflammatory responses that are destructive to the health of the heart.

Stopping the breath on sleep apnea can take varies throughout the night. Ten seconds to tens of seconds. Imagine how damaging it the condition of stopping the breath during sleep.

The research was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association June 2016, view data from 241 patients who have live opening procedures obstruction arteries of the heart. All of these two rws then sleep examination which record air flow and functions of the breath during sleep. Found 52,3 percent of patients also suffered from sleep apnea.

Of these patients followed for 5 years. Some 21.4 percent of that snoring actually attack on natural blood vessels the heart or the brain, compared with 7.8 pad percent not snoring. While the risk of death found increased up to three times on the bed snoring.

The experts closes his publication with calls so the doctors started to evaluate the habit of sleeping patients with heart problems and stroke. No difficult, just ask the habit of snoring him only. Usually the couple patients directly believe.
The Relationship Snoring and Heart Disease