Do not sad...!!! Pricks Pimples Inflamed in This Way

How to remove Pimples that inflamed - Really sad if the pimples already until inflamed, start from disrupt the appearance to promote a traumatised uncomfortable. If you have a variety of ways you try to get rid of but not successfully also, do not sad. Try several ways to be kicked away pimples inflamed.

Acne occurs when the inflamed area below the blockage blackheads become inflamed and reddened . Inflamed acne can also happen because you did wrong way to get rid of acne . For example , squeeze pimples in a way that is not true or use a tool that is not clean .

squeeze acne could actually be done at home , as long as you have the right tools and sterile . You also need to know exactly how the technique is right in doing so. If not, you should not do it yourself. The condition of the hand that do not clean the appliance that is not sterile and fluid out of pimples is pressed thus can exacerbate the situation pimples you.

So make pimples become redness, burns, infected and more inflamed. Does not even close the possibility, pimples can leave scars on the face or spread to other parts.

Pimples inflamed actually can be avoided with how to maintain cleanliness and not vain resolve pimples. But if the pimples on the face already lapsed inflamed, try several ways below to solve them.

Tea tree oil or tea tree oil

removes pimples inflamed you can do with natural ingredients, one of them is by using tea tree oil. In the womb it can help in mitigating inflammation that occurs on pimples inflamed. Besides that tea tree oil can also reduce oil production and eliminate the bacteria in the face.

This tea leaves oil have the womb benzoyl peroxide, ingredients that are also used in the cream acne treatment sold free. But for those who suffer from eczema or who have sensitive skin should be careful. The effects of medications pimples by tea tree oil heavy enough for those who have the condition of the skin.


Though sulfur have unpleasant smells, sulfur including ingredients powerful enough to eliminate pimples inflamed. The problem is that the use of sulfur can help to get rid of the dead skin cells, reduce oil in the face, and ease inflammation on pimples.


such as with tea tree oil and sulfur, zinc can also help in reducing oil production in the face, according to the latest research. In addition, content of zinc in acne drugs can also protect skin against inflammation and bacterial infection.

In addition in the form of cream or lotion, zinc is also available in the form of supplements. But remember not to whose consumption of excessive, due to excessive intake of zinc that can thus make the absorption of copper (minerals copper) disrupted. At least avoid consume more than 30 mg supplementation of zinc per day.

Vitamin A

Super hydrating face also can be done with the consumption of vitamin A, or wear ointment that contains vitamin A. But in the consumption of vitamin A also need to be noted for pimples not whose consumption more than 10,000 IU (International units in a day.

Because if consumed excessive, vitamin A that is dissolved in the fat, can accumulate in the body and the poison for your body. While vitamin A in the form of cream there are usually in the form of retinoid. This Retinoid that later can improve your face skin regeneration as well as wound healing, so that the skin is damaged because of inflamed acne can be replaced with a new skin.

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If you do not want to pimples inflamed, do not origin pressing pimples and maintain the cleanliness of the face of each day. If you start disrupted with pimples, try to consult a physician beauty so that you get the proper handling. Or take advantage of some drugs inflamed acne repellents as above.
Do not sad...!!! Pricks Pimples Inflamed in This Way