Causes of High Uric Acid and Treatment

Uric acid is the chemical made by the body when the cells of the body is damaged and from the compound organic food that we eat is called with purin. A large number of uric acid is dissolved in the blood and then is filtered through the kidneys and ends when removed by the body through the urine. In certain circumstances the body can produce too much uric acid or not capable enough to soaks.

Hiperuresemia is condition when your body is too high store uric acid, or you are said to have high uric acid. Gout is one form of arthritis pain, which causes the symptoms of swollen joints especially on your thumb painful feet. A high level of uric acid in the blood can be formed crystal sharply in the areas of the body including joints, the skin near the joints, the external ear and kidney - that causes inflammation, cause pain and other symptoms.
In addition, uric acid higher can also formed kidney stones. The level of uric acid normal is located between 3 - 6 mg/dl, and when higher than 6 mg/dl risky ahtritis gout and kidney stones.

Common causes of uric acid higher

Cancer and the effects of cancer treatment

Increased cell death can cause uric acid high, this can happen because of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy cause more cells die that is broken down into purin, which resulted in the production of uric acid to overheat.

The use of drugs diuretics

When uric acid could not be issued with better and more efficient, then automatically uric acid will be suspended in the body. Drugs diuretics(pill water) can cause uric acid increased, because this will be issued from the body needed to throw it through the urine.

The problem of the kidneys

Kidneys on duty as a blood filter to separate the debris including excess uric acid to issued through the urine. And when happened isufisiensi (the inability of the kidneys filter waste), then the level of uric acid cannot be removed efficiently through the urine.

The high Diet purin

Diet that many food including nuts, jerohan, fish baits, of canned sardine, legume, fungi, fish flatulence can cause the level of uric acid increased, because they are the high food purin.


Hipotiroidisme or thyroid gland less active is a condition in which the thyroid gland you are not able to produce a certain important hormone is sufficient. People who are more likely to be experiencing this condition is women aged 60 years over. Hipotiroidisme not treated can cause a number of health problems including obesity, uric acid and heart disease.

The history of genetic

Disorders of since born of the body in the metabolism of uric acid can cause gout athritis occurs at a young age. This is often associated with the factor of lineage or genetic data.

Other causes of

Excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, diabetes is something that can cause uric acid high because can cause the body slowly in the issuing of uric acid and increases the production of the purin.
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The way of Treatment

Athritis Gout uric acid cannot be cured but can be managed or controlled with good. This condition will not improve when the level of uric acid in the blood are still high (hiperuresemia), namin can be improved when the level of uric acid may be reduced and controlled. In addition to arthritis, due to others from hiperuresemia including fatigue to the formation of kidney stones. The following ways to overcome uric acid high:

Alter diet

Changes in diet can help in healing the level of uric acid is high. But when the symptoms that emanate is felt very disturbing should be consulted to the doctor to get a review of the level of uric acid and search for the best treatment causes hiperurisemia.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Uric acid which can be high because of the consumption of caffeine and alk*hol excessive, because this can increase the production of purin. Drink more water can be watered uric acid and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Reduce the high food intake purin

Purin is a substance that also diitemukan in most organic food, which in the body will break down the form of uric acid. The food that need to be avoided because it contains high concentrations of purin including jeroan, of canned sardine, flatulence, salted fish, meat, broccoli, spinach, legume, soy beans and asparagus.

Reduce foods high salt

Salt contain sodium, and if Excessive sodium consumption at risk including uric acid and high rock oksalat, which lead to the formation of kidney stones. Healthy food consumption is low in sodium including fresh food to prevent accumulation of purin.

Medication is prescribed doctors

If you are should the medication by doctors to lower the uric acid and then follow the recipe correctly.

Reduce food supplements

Supplements that contain vitamin C or vitamin D can increase the risk of kidney stones and increase the level of uric acid. Therefore should consume vitamin supplements the advice and physician.

This is the cause of uric acid is high, and how to reduce the pain of uric acid. Hopefully useful...
Causes of High Uric Acid and Treatment