The Serious Consequences of Overweight

As a result of excessive body weight - Overweight or obesity is often associated with heart disease and diabetes. But actually have a serious impact redundant weight for health. Know what is the impact of surprise from have the body obesity.

1. Cancer

The National Cancer Institute estimate, obesity contribute to the emergence of the 34,000 new cases of cancer in men and 50,000 on women each year.

2. Migraines

The more severe body weight you, grew large risks outweigh the pain in the head of the (migraines) periodically. Women who are obese is a group that most frequently complain of migraines.

3. Difficult to pregnant

women with excess weight is more difficult to pregnant women. "Obesity is the condition of inflammation and reducing the level of fertility. The condition can also occur because of the hormonal changes that produced a network of fat," said dr. Marc Bessler, director of the Center for Weight Loss and Metabolic Surgery.

4. The birth of premature infants

for fat women who are pregnant, concerns over yet. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, risk gave birth to premature infants higher on the pregnant mother obesity.

According to the experts, has too much fat in the body will trigger the inflammation process and weaken the uterus and the membrane of the mouth of the womb.

5. Sleep Disorders

one of the dangers faced by the health of obesity is sleep apnea or stopping the breath for a moment during sleep. The condition is triggered by the increased fat around the neck press and close the soft tissues in the airways when we sleep.

6. Bullying

the fat often so the mock target. Although it is intended only as a true laughter, but not all men can receive it with relaxd. Those who are victims of bullying will have the confidence and low risk for depression, even want to suicide.

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That is the result of excessive body weight, suggestions we do diet regularly and avoid snacking habit at night and often sports.
The Serious Consequences of Overweight