Traditional Japanese food Make Longevity

Secrets of longevity - The link between diet and life expectancy of a person very closely indeed. According to the study, the traditional Japanese diet is recommended if you want a long life.

Traditional Japanese diet is called the "Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top" recommend five types of food, ie, whole grains, vegetables, fish and meat, milk, and fruit.

The recommendations made in the form of an inverted pyramid, with the grains were in the top, so this recommendation is often referred to lap up.

Japanese diet also recommends eating fish and soy products more and less fat intake. Although fish and meat entered in one category, but the Japanese did eat more fish and less meat than Westerners.

According to the study, eating more fish, vegetables, and fruits, can reduce mortality from heart disease and blood vessels.

The study involving more than 36,000 men and 42,000 women across Japan concluded, those who follow the dietary recommendations the government has a lower risk of death by 15 percent in a period of 15 years.

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Life expectancy in Japan known as the highest in the world. In this study, the low number of deaths caused by the diet they do make the risk of heart disease and stroke is lower.
Traditional Japanese food Make Longevity