Secret Age 100 Years Rural residents Italia

Secrets of longevity - Can you imagine the hundred years old, how long that period to today. In general, the average human life span is 70 years old today. But this is real, there is a man who lived 100 out in Italy.

Acciaroli city located on the Mediterranean coast South of Naples is home to nearly 300 people aged over 100 years. Remarkably, that number is one third of the total population of the village. A cardiologist at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. Alan Maisel, along with other research teams to find out the habits of Acciaroli which makes them live longer.

Maisel suspect, the longevity of the villagers comes from a combination of a combination of good genes and healthy eating. On his last visit to Acciaroli, Maisel found two eating habits carried out by all the villagers, which makes them so healthy.

"Everyone eats anchovies," he said. "Also, every meal, they add fresh rosemary in almost any dish." Teri containing omega-3 fatty acids as heart-healthy capital, while rosemary has long been regarded as a healing herb, and can help soothe sore muscles and even protect you from the carcinogenic compound.

Uniquely, Maisel Acciaroli observed that citizens did not seem too busy with sports. "What surprised me is that I do not see people jogging," he said. "I do not see people in yoga class. I do not see them swimming in the sea." Even so, residents in Acciaroli have other habits that make them happy. Results of recent studies indicate that people who have a positive attitude, life purposeful and happy, tend to live longer.

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 "In the afternoon, the locals sit in the restaurant. They enjoy wine, coffee, tasty snacks, while relaxing and chatting, as if removing the burden of life at the end of the day," says Maisel.
Secret Age 100 Years Rural residents Italia