How Free Diabetes Early On

How To Avoid Diabetes - OBESITY does indeed need to be fought early on by all circles. It aims to let free from the threat of diabetes. Refer to the data Sample Registration Surveys 2014, diabetes is said to be a killer disease has become the number three in Indonesia. While based on data of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates, the number of diabetics in Indonesia estimated at 10 million and ranks seventh in the world.

However, in addition to those who are obese, people who are not obese or lean-bodied cannot simply unavoidable disease of diabetes. It is as expressed by Dr. Mulyani Anny Syriac Gultom, SpPD, of Siloam Hospitals ASRI.

"Obesity can lead to diabetes due to hoarding of fat can interfere with metabolism in the blood. However, one skinny stature could have diabetes if it cannot maintain the diet and lack of exercise. It can lead to hoarding of sugar in the body, "

In anticipation of the diabetes disease, Dr. Mulyani said that everyone should do a pattern of healthy living. How, through eating healthy foods that are nutritionally balanced, drink lots of water, eating food with low calorie, sugar to do a certain amount of physical activity, i.e. exercise.

Selan it, everyone needs to do medical examination periodically. This is done to find out if you're affected by diabetes or not.

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"It is important for everyone to do the checking of blood sugar. So it can be known whether we suffer or not. Supposing still pre-diabetes, then it can still be prevented or cured. If it is positive, it will be difficult diabetes cured, "
How Free Diabetes Early On