The benefits of Kiwi fruit for health and beauty

Benefits of Fruit - What are the benefits of Kiwi for the body's health and beauty skin? - Of course you're curious with the benefits of kiwi fruit, especially related to the health of the body. Kiwi fruit is commonly used as a mixture of fruit or soup as an ingredient to make a cake. Kiwi fruit is indeed less notable among other fruits that are often circulated in the market. This is not surprising considering the price is expensive because of limited amounts. For that's the kiwi fruit is categorized as an expensive fruit, which not everyone can easily consume and feel its benefits.

However, if you have the financial support to buy this fruit, you'll feel the myriad benefits by consuming kiwi fruit, as described below:

The benefits of Kiwi To body health

1. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Heart disease or medical language commonly referred to as vadiovaskular is a disease caused by blood clots that occur in the muscles of the heart. The content contained in the kiwi fruit sanagt useful in thins your blood. In addition, the active compounds that are present in the flesh of the kiwi fruit is beneficial to lower the fat content so stay awake heart health.

2. Nourish pregnant women

During pregnancy, it takes a lot of substances such as folic acid for fetal development that exist in the mother's womb. And eating kiwi fruit are routinely proven to be able to increase the levels of folic acid in the body so that the baby's development can be more optimally.

3. Maintain eye health

The content of carotenoids in the kiwi fruit is helpful in warding off free radicals from outside. Eat kiwi fruit at least 2 times a week to keep your eyes from all the free radicals.

4. Facilitate Digestion

Kiwi fruit is also potent in streamline your digestion because many contain actinidin. Substance actinidin serves to help the stomach to further dissolve the extra food you eat quickly and precisely.

The above is the explanation regarding the benefits of kiwi fruit for the health of your body. In addition, the kiwi fruit is also useful for skin beauty of which is as follows:

The Benefits Of Kiwi For Beauty Skin

1. Maintaining healthy skin

the benefits of kiwi fruit for beauty of your skin the first is to maintain the health of your skin. Kiwi fruit contains potassium which is great for toning your skin. In addition, the kiwi fruit is also rich in vitamin C and E that are desperately needed by the body to brighten and keeping skin moisture.

2. Lightens Skin

As has been outlined in point 1, that kiwi fruit contains a lot of vitamin C in which vitamin C is very efficacious in terms of illuminating the skin of the body. Kiwi fruit is effective in skin cells regenerate old to replaced with skin cells is new so it will make the skin look bright and not dull.

3. Able To Prevent Cell Damage

Kiwi fruit is rich in various kinds of nutrients needed by the body, especially for those of you dreaming of having healthy skin. All these nutrients are able to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

So some of the benefits of kiwi fruit for beauty of your skin. Sure to get a beautiful and healthy skin, you're not just eating kiwi fruit as the only solution, but the pattern of healthy living that you went through it too influential in the beauty of the skin.


Then you must also maintain the health of the body by way of exercising regularly at least 2 times a week. In doing so, the body's health and beauty of your skin will keep awake though your age keeps growing. Also don't make it a habit to sleep late and eating fast food. Sleep too late or lack of sleep can have an impact on the health of your skin.
The benefits of Kiwi fruit for health and beauty