Beautiful Tips - How is the easiest way to smooth facial skin? the benefits of fruits for facial beauty - Any type and color of the skin of any person is certainly different. It is influenced by a variety of reasons. It could be because of the climate, or the gene factor. But on the bottom line of course everyone craved got pretty skin, white and clean. Especially for women, Have white skin and lovely especially the facial skin is a top priority.

Certainly don't want anybody to have a black facial skin especially striped. Therefore, nowadays lots of beauty products that are useful for whitening skin floating around the market. The actual workings of the beauty products that whiten skin is peeling or the way the appointment of dead cells with active ingredients. It is also widely performed in the salon-salon beauty even in the world of medicine.

A proliferation of beauty products and skin care cannot be separated from the more increase of awareness and the need to keep healthy skin beautiful, smooth and fresh white especially for most women. However the men were not a little the interest towards these skin care, especially when approaching a wedding days almost all of any treatments done.

The use of cosmetics is in fact already become a tradition since the times first. And in the present era needs cosmetics seemed to have become mandatory. This indeed be something reasonable, because with pememakaian cosmetics almost everything possible could be done in order to beautify the skin. But now the question arises, whether to beautify our skin will be forever dependent on cosmetics?

In fact we will Peel in this discussion is, how to change black and dull skin because it is often exposed to the Sun to be white and bright as well as body parts are rarely exposed to the Sun. For example the skin of the upper arm will be more black than the skin of the lower part of the hand that are rarely exposed to the Sun.

The immediate vicinity we are actually a great many natural ingredients that can help maintain the beauty of the skin. And natural ingredients below are quite nutritious for skin care. Not just beautify and smooth but also healthy.


Actually this is more popular lime used as busting a fishy odor on dishes or also as a flavor enhancer. But lime is actually useful for skin health and beauty. The juice from the lime water turns can make pores shrink and was able to remove the excessive fat on the skin.

How to wear it very simple. Peel the lemon flesh and grab, and then apply the skin around the face, nose and cheeks because on these sections usually pores look larger. The remaining lemon pieces can also be applied topically to the parts of the body to another, this is very useful for smoothing and whiten the skin.


There have been many who proved that his benefit lots of avocado for beauty. According to research vitamin in the avocado is very rich indeed. vitamins A, C and E, iron, potassium, niacin, pantotenik acid and protein. And all useful once for skin health and beauty.

Rubbing the skin parts in the part throughout all the face surface of avocado slowly evenly and leave for 15 minutes. After that facial wash using cold water. This is very useful for maintaining the humidity of the skin of the face. Do this regularly at night before going to bed to make it more effective. And remember! Makeup will last longer when awake facial skin moisture.


Types of vegetation as well as vegetables are also very beneficial for skin beauty by making him as a mask. Use a mask with the herbs can be meneggangkan and paves the skin
Herbs or vegetables that can be used as a mask, among others:
  1. Mask Yam bean, it can whiten and eliminate black pigmentation marks on the skin.
  2. Potato Masks, can whiten and soften the skin.
  3. tomato Mask, to smooth and paves of facial skin.
Make it a habit luluran regularly at least 2 weeks, this meant that all the dead skin cells can be lifted so that the skin will look brighter and smoother. This way it will also accelerate the changing of layers of dead skin cells with the result of younger skin surface will look fresh and radiant.


In addition to the above, it is recommended also always wear sun cream or protective sunblock every time would be out of the House at the time of the morning and afternoon. And at night we recommend that you use body lotion so that the skin remains soft.