Healthy Tips Although Super Busy With Work

Healthy Tips - How can I make the body stay healthy, though busy working Office or in front of computer - Work seems to have no end, from waking up to going to bed again, we are occupied with daily activities, if it is allowed to continue then the diseases will come earlier than our age. You can feel with 30s years will secant or our physical body begins to weaken invitation marked tired when walking for a while.

Office work piling up makes us not have time to exercise, but it can outsmart us that our bodies stay healthy even though he worked, there are some tips that you can try while working in the office is to adjust the position of the body when working in the office ..

1. Ear line with the shoulders

Make sure the ears are parallel with your shoulders. This means that your head is not bowed and did not look up. If you are leaning forward or backwards, posture is also not ideal.

2. Sports shoulder and chest

To perform this movement, stand facing a wall and widen your feet shoulder width apart. Place both hands on the wall, then bend your elbows to 90 degrees, then straighten again. Do this activity at least 15 times. Relax your shoulders also by moving up and down to relieve the tension.

3. Position the feet

The correct way is if the leg while sitting actually touching the floor. Avoid crossing her legs or stick both. If the seating position makes sore, use the support for your feet for smooth blood circulation, and then returned to its original position.
4. Move back

When sitting for long, your back will feel sore. Stretch your back occasionally by way of puffing out your chest and bowed. This movement will make the back more relaxed. Do it again if the back began to feel uncomfortable.

5. Use cushion buffer

Do not be embarrassed to bring a pillow buffer to the office. By putting a pillow on the seat, the position of the spine will be straight. In addition to the pillow, you can also use a towel that is rolled or folded as a buffer.

6. Actively engaged

Linger with perfect posture can make blood flow in the body is not smooth and the muscles weaken. Frequently moving, for example by taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Select is also a toilet that is located away from the working space in order to move more activity.

In addition to the tips above suggestion we should not Diet, Diet will not always succeed. Because when forced diet, often someone will fail and will not do it again. When on a diet and failed, you will feel bad in yourself and do not want to try again. Do not set the target of a diet too high. Change the target of a diet to lose weight into healthy eating. Consumption of natural foods little by little.

Make this feels comfortable, do not feel pressured with all the ideas about health. Make sports and healthy things as comfortable as possible. Suppose if you want the gym, choose a gym that is close to home.

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Choose healthy foods but also you prefer. listen to music while exercising to be more excited.
Or invite families or couples, so you do not feel alone. Those are some tips that you can do to maintain good health despite being very busy. Do not surrender to always try exercise and live a healthy life even if you do not have much time after work.
Healthy Tips Although Super Busy With Work