2016 NUTRIENT CONTENT and WATERMELON and DRANK to the HEALTH of the body

What are the nutrient content of watermelon fruit? and what are the improved health of our body? -You all certainly know the fruit watermelon, fruit that is large, measuring weighted average 2 to 5 kg is plentiful in Indonesia because it is suitable for the tropics as our country. Many watermelon fruit grown by the farmers especially in my birth i.e. Sragen in Central Java, if you are on the way from the direction towards Solo Sragen will you encounter a statue of big fruit watermelon, harbinger of our city is the city of watermelon, along the road that many traders are offering watermelon.

Watermelon plants or in the latin term Citrullis Vulgaris is a plant originating from the region of dry tropical and sub tropical Africa, the Kalahari desert is the Centre of his deployment. Now this fruit watermelon already spread rapidly in countries like china and the United States. Unique facts of watermelon fruit if planted in wet areas that his abundant water it feels will not be sweet, bland and the price is also different. Watermelon growing annuals include vine and need a lot of sunlight.

Watermelon fruit is favored by many people, because it had the attraction that is the flavor of the fruit is sweet, almost all the age from babies to adults all love to eat watermelon, red and yellow colors so the patisseries for more delicious, abundant water content of approximately 92% watermelon fruit inside so that anyone who ate his will feel fresh and delicious when you're thirsty.
Nutrient Content Of The Fruit Watermelon

The content is very important for the health and treatment of disease in our body in the watermelon is Likopen, from research experts will increase if likopen levels stored in room temperature, Likopen is a substance that makes the color red on red, the color of watermelon watermelon then the higher content of Likopen.

Likopen watermelon in one type of karotinoid that functions as an antioxidant, according to the experts that the strength of antioxidant compounds found in likopen in combating free radicals was more powerful if other antioxidant dibandungkan.

It is estimated the strength as an antioxidant of Likopen is about 2 orders of magnitude compared to Beta-carotene, and 10 times as compared with vitamin e. number of Likopen watermelon fruit in range 4100-4532 micrograms/100 g of watermelon.

Watermelon Fruit Benefits For The Health Of Our Body

1. to prevent cancer.
From the results of research in watermelon fruits Likopen to prevent prostate cancer, lung cancer, Colon Cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer in women. Likopen can reduce the risk of cancer terkana respiratory sluran of 39% and may also lower the risk of developing uterine cancer amounted to 7.4%, it also can prevent gastric cancer.

2. Increases Sperm Fertility.
Likopen can also prevent cancer prostad on men, male fertility is determined by either the absence of the male prostate. The results of research in India that the guy is not good its fertility rate after the given Likopin 20 mg for 3 months-kan pointing improvements. This can be seen from the large number of sperm senakin and the better his movement.

3. Add men's Sexual Strength
In addition, Likopen in fruit watermelon also contains Sitrulin, according to some experts that the Sitrulin can improve erections in men. Therefore the watermelon as well as one of the alternatives to overcome sexual disorders in men.

4. Lower the Disease of hypertension
In watermelon also contains active components i.e. Kukurbositrn, this compound can improve the work of the kidneys regulate the blood pressure to normal. Besides watermelon also can function as a diuretic that will facilitate urination, smoothly buag urination (pee) then blood pressure tends to be getting better.

5. Watermelons can overcome Dehydration
92% watermelon fruit content is water, therefore the fruit watermelon is good for people who thirst for restoring body fluids lost through excessive sweating (dehydration). By consuming watermelon then bodily fluids will quickly return to normal, so the body will fit back on.

6. Stabilize the blood sugar levels of diabetics Mellitus
Many traditional recipes using watermelon as one of the ingredients for emnstabilkan blood sugar levels, so the watermelon is very suitable for people with diabetes mellitus.


Watermelon Recipe Examples

1. Watermelon Juice for diabetics
Take the tomato and watermelon to taste, and then in a blender to Juice made, then minumkan on peneriata diabetes several times in a day

2. watermelon Juice For body fitness
* Tomato
* To taste the watermelon, peeled and sliced tanbahkan honey and blend
* Drink minimla 3 X a week in brturut takes part.

That's the nutrient content and drank to the health of the watermelon & our body, with the efficacy of watermelon fruit knows is expected to start the public aware of the importance of consuming fruit especially melons.
2016 NUTRIENT CONTENT and WATERMELON and DRANK to the HEALTH of the body