9 Benefits of Fruit cherry To Health

Cherry trees can be found anywhere because it grew wild. Cherry tree also belonged to a fast-growing tree with a height of up to 5-10 meters. Has hairy leaves and cherry trees have sticky, red-fruit when ripe-with a diameter of about 1.5 cm. meat finely and cherry fruit has a sweet taste. And even though it has long been known as a tree that can grow wild anywhere, cherry apparently save a lot of health benefits to the body. Curious? Here are some of the health benefits of cherry tree..

1. Treating the gout
cherry fruit is often used to treat gout. Cherry fruit is also shown to reduce the pain caused by the disease of gout.

2. Protect the heart
Cherry leaf extract is also known to be able to protect the myocardium which resulted in a significant reduction in the restriction enzyme leakage of the myocardium.

3. Stomach cramps
Cherry blossoms can be used as an antiseptic and to treat stomach cramps. You only need to boil the water and drank cherry dump.

4. Anti-cancer
One study found the presence of anti-cancer properties in cherry tree, with the discovery of a new cytotoxic flavonoids in the root of the cherry.

5. Antibacterial
According to some research, Cherry has antibacterial properties that are comparable to standard antibiotics are commonly used in the medical world. The researchers also found the existence of a strong antibacterial compounds in cherry fruit.

6. Antioxidants
A study also shows that high levels of antioxidants in the cherry fruit. Antioxidants served to strengthen the body's immune system and fight off free radicals that can cause cancer.

7. Antiseptic
Cherry leaf decoction can kill microbes or can be used as an antiseptic. The leaves are eaten and proved able to kill bacteria, including: c. diphtheriae, s. aureus, p. vulgaris, s. epidermidis, and k. Rhizophil. Anti-bacterial compounds derived from that contained in the leaves of cherry, such as tannins, flavonoids and saponins.

8. Anti-inflammatory
The decoction of the leaves are eaten and also have anti-inflammatory properties (anti-inflammatory) and can also lower a fever.

9. Treat tumors
The leaves are eaten and are also reported to have anti-tumor effects. Flavonoids content owned by cherry leaves known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Here's the surprising benefits of nine, owned by cherry-tree which is found in fruits, stems, leaves, and roots. Because now you know what are the health benefits of the cherry tree, you can try to harvest them yourself at home.
9 Benefits of Fruit cherry To Health