10 Powerful Benefits Of Corn for The Health Of Your Body

Benefit Of Corn - Humans need energy to be able to move, work and thinking every day. To this end, consuming a variety of foods that contain carbohydrates became one of the best solution. Rice, wheat and corn was some foods that contain carbohydrates that are needed by the body. Specifically for maize, the food turned out to have and keep a variety of other nutrients that can improve the health of your body

Corn is one of the sources of carbohydrates could be the alternative food substitute for rice. Corn is one of the types of makana recognizable from its physical shape that is colored yellow seed and lining extends to surround the stem in maize. Roasted corn and corn on the cob is a two way makes the corn is very delicious to eat. However, besides the taste is savory and scrumptious, corn storing various hidden benefits for the health of your body. Then, what are the benefits of powerful corn for the health of the body. There are 7 benefits that we can take of the buag corn, among others..

7 Powerful Benefits Of Corn for The Health Of Your Body

  • Improving The Health Of The Digestive Organs. High fiber content in the maize can help digestive processes food more smoothly. Thus, a variety of problems or gastrointestinal disorders like constipation will not torture you again.
  • Strengthen The Bones In Your Body. The corn turned out to contain nutrients such as magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus. A variety of nutrients that can nourish the bone to make it more powerful and fragile is not easy.
  • Makes The Skin More Youthful. Antioxidant abundant in corn can help nourish the whole skin tissue in your body. So, for siapapnn who intends to appear fresh and looks younger than actual age, corn could be one of the key.
  • Counteracting The Symptoms Of Lack Of Blood Or Anemia. Head Dizzy is one indication that a person is exposed to anemia. Corn has the content of vitamin B and folic acid that serves to prevent anemia that is quite effective.
  • Improve The Health Of Your Heart Organ. Corn storing nutrients such as vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and carotenoids that are instrumental in controlling cholesterol levels in the blood and improve blood circulation in your body.
  • Nourish Your Sight Organ. The corn contains a source of beta carotene, which is constituent of vitamin A in your body. So, konsumsilah corn with normal limits to help fullfill the nutrients needed by the organs of your eyes.
  • Preventing Diabetes Are Quite Effective. Content of Phytochemical found in maize seeds will set the absorption and release of insulin hormone in your body. This is what declared the corn as one of makananan nutritious high to suffice the needs of nutrition on the body of all persons.

Corn rated have other benefits including:

 * Launch a urine
To launch our considerable urination boil 50 g corn hair already washed clean with 1 liter of water. the decoction of drinking water 2-3 times a day.

* Treat diarrhea
Mash until smooth corncob that has been washed clean, add 1 cup water. drink this decoction 2-3 times.

* Launch a breast milk
Corn fruit can also be used to launch the BREAST MILK. fruit boiled corn and eat like usual. and many of the other benefits of the corn.

Okay that's all companions of 7 powerful benefits of corn for the health of our body. You can cultivate corn on the cob, grilled, or in making snacks.
10 Powerful Benefits Of Corn for The Health Of Your Body