Spinach Can Make The Brain Turns Eleven Years Younger

Information about the vegetable spinach makes Brain eleven years younger and cooking Tips on how to keep safe on the consumption.

The spinach was nutritionally high, every 100 grams of spinach protein 3.5 g, 0.5 g fat, carbohydrate 6.5 g, calcium 267 g, iron 3.9 mg, 0.8 g fiber and Hence referred to as spinach. "King of Vegetable". Remember Popeye the Sailor cartoon movie Man? Popeye always packed spinach for added strength. You guys want a healthy and strong, isn't it? Come to eat spinach from now on. Vegetable spinach is very familiar and often serve as a staple vegetable.

Not only on the cartoon popeye, spinach proved to benefit also in real life. One of them is able to maintain brain health, so that the brain seems easier to eleven years. This is evidenced by a group of researchers from Rush University in Chicago who said that similar green vegetables spinach or turns out to be able to slow down the process of cognitive decline related to age. This is because on spinach and other green vegetables contain vitamin K.

Research done to 954 parents for five years. As a result, those who consumed one or two servings of green leafy vegetables a day has the cognitive ability of eleven years younger than those who had not been eating green vegetables. In addition to spinach, vegetables like kale and mustard greens but also have the same role in slowing down the aging brain. Not only does it further the researchers say, that the vegetables cabbage, carrots and asparagus also has the same benefits as green vegetables. The results of this research have been in presentasikan on Experimental Biology 30, which took place last March. With this research results found, are expected to contribute to the prevention of senile diseases

"Increasing the consumption of green vegetables, being a simple and affordable way to protect your brain from Alzheimer research advice as reported by metrotvnews.

Tips on how to cook in order to be safe in the consumption
Mother's vegetable Cook spinach seringkan surely? Vegetable spinach on the side tasted delicious, too good for the health. But, if it's wrong when cooking food, can become toxic.

Spinach is a great source of protein and amino acids that our body is urgently needed. Amino acids are essential to the formation of the brain. The content of vitamin C and E help maintain the condition of the body so that it is not susceptible to the disease. So, if seen from the composition of the protein, spinach is good for consumption by children of our age bracket, especially for the development of the brain and the body.

So, there is no excuse for refusing to eat spinach when we want to be a healthy child. O Yes, then we should know how to eat spinach that is beneficial for the body. We recommend that you select the spinach was fresh, not too long kept in the refrigerator and eaten immediately cooked so done.

Careful Cooking Spinach
Spinach contains iron, but when one of the cooks, substances that are present in spinach could turn into toxic substances. To avoid poisons:

1. Select fresh spinach
Fresh spinach that recently revoked a nitrite compound containing approximately 5 mg per kg. When the spinach is stored in the fridge for two weeks, levels of nitrite will rise to 300 mg per kg. In other words, within 4 days of storage, compound nitrite will of 7 percent.

2. use Pan "stainless steel"
Do not cook the spinach in a pot of iron/aluminum because the compounds that would react with ferro materials of iron or aluminum pot.
3. Do not be reheated
Spinach contain lots of iron or compounds ferro (Fe2 +) is good for the body. However, if it is reheated, the oxidation process will occur on the vegetable spinach. Oxidation is a process of binding of oxygen. The Fe2 + Fe3 + will turn into or a toxic compound ferri for the body.

4. Immediately eaten
In addition to containing iron, spinach also contain nitrates (NO3). But if it is too long in contact with the air, will be transformed into nitrite (NO2) compound that is colorless, odorless, and which again is toxic. Then, the vegetable spinach should be eaten so mature. Spinach vegetable are cooked for more than five hours do not eat again.

Spinach Can Make The Brain Turns Eleven Years Younger