How To Whiten Teeth In 5 Minutes

Heathy Tips - Yellow teeth that will not make us confident in the Association, yellow teeth causes among other things due to the influence of smoking and rarely toothbrush. There is even a toothbrush is nevertheless still yellow, It is very troublesome, because not only will that make an appearance that is not confidence but also you will seem like a person who does not pay attention to cleanliness. It is very important for us to pay attention to clean white teeth. If you are having problems with yellow teeth, you don't panic and despair, because there is material that you can use to reduce body color of yellow on the teeth.

This material will be explained in how to whiten yellow teeth in 5 minutes. You don't believe me, okay, but this is indeed proven could whiten teeth, want to know how, the following tips and how...

How to whiten yellow teeth in 5 minutes  
1. take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with lemon (Citrus lemon juice water). As we know that lemon contains acid and baking soda contain alkalis, bases will stabilize the acid so it does not cause damage to the teeth.

2. After that, stir stir both ingredients like pasta or until slightly thickened, apply with a toothbrush on the entire surface of the teeth are yellow. Let stand for 1 minute.

3. next, how to whiten teeth is yellow with rubbing your teeth to perfect the sidelines gears, then a drastic change will be immediately visible on your teeth, your yellow teeth will soon turn into white teeth. The color of your teeth in order to survive, then for your next expected to diligently brushing my teeth as usual by using toothpaste.

Although how to whiten yellow teeth in 5 minutes you still potent, not recommended to use this on a regular basis, because it could result in damage to your teeth. If you have a friend or a sister who got yellow teeth then suggest how this for him. White teeth not only provides a nice appearance but also give you a good health and hygiene for your body. So, brushing my teeth is an important thing to do, given that the mouth is a major intermediary to get food into the stomach.

Imagine if the teeth or mouth is dirty and there are germs, sure the food enters the stomach also there will be germs and harmful to health. Again, pay attention to dental health, if necessary use how to whiten yellow teeth this in 5 minutes. That's the way to whiten teeth in 5 minutes, if it's about rewarding don't lazy share to your friends.
How To Whiten Teeth In 5 Minutes