Food Flavoring MSG May Harm Health

In General, if there is no cooking condiments are we feel like there is less, the Indonesian State solution specifically conceived. If in other countries such as india, china and Europe have already begun abandon this flavor enhancer. When using flavoring in cooking has some side-effects to health. The danger of this cuisine flavoring could not be considered lightly, because it could have turned into a deadly disease for our bodies.

The dangers of Monosodium glutamate Food Flavoring (MSG)

1. Dizzy
Dizzy head wouldn't be considered trivial if that happens after you consume foods with MSG. Dizzy head this could turn into a migraine disease and other diseases that are repeated over and over.

2. Nervous
Consume food flavoring MSG could also cause a sense of nervousness, tingling, numbness, burning or impressed on the face and neck. For people who consume a lot of MSG so his body was often lackluster, often sleepy. Not only is it the dangers of MSG, but can also increase the risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's-like neurodegenerative, and sclerosis.

3. The heart
Hazards of flavoring dishes that may be very awful was sparked at a faster heart beat and unstable, not closing the possibility can also cause pain in the chest.

If you are still paying attention to the health of your body, you should just stay away from food flavoring MSG, natural flavoring, substitute with sugar cane. Stir in the sugar cane that has been cut into pieces in your cuisine and cuisine you'll be sweet and savory even better compared to the use of artificial flavorings (dangerous flavoring).

4. The dangers of MSG for women and children
Flavor enhancer MSG are also not good because women and children consumed could cause disturbance in children and organs of the body can affect fertility in women, take heed consume flavoring.

5. Dangers of other flavorings
The dangers of MSg seasoning dishes not only exert influence bad for health, but can also provide a variety of other health problems such as blood pressure, stomach, thyroid disorders, type 2 diabetes, obesity, asthma. In addition, MSG can also cause hormonal imbalance, autism, allergies and eye damage.

So, now we already know what are the hazards of flavoring food for health. Then we recommend you be cautious in consuming foods that are sold freely on the market because in general food store would use flavoring dishes. For those of you who already use the flavoring in the kitchen, we recommend that you stop, just use natural flavouring is not a man-made process such as sugar cane.

How to use sugar cane as a flavoring is by means of:
* cut the sugar cane that has been motong in the skin, eliminate
* then enter in your soup, fish soup, gravy good goats and other
OK friends are hopefully what I convey is beneficial for you ...

Food Flavoring MSG May Harm Health