Benefits onion Dayak of Borneo

Herbal - For those of you who lived in Europe or America also african There may not know the name of this dayak onions. This onions do not exist anywhere else except on the island of Borneo or Kalimantan in Indonesia, then what are the benefits of onion Dayak to health? Ok before I will explain first of onion Dayak. Dayak onion is a plant that has the Latin name Eleutherine palmifolia.

Onion Dayak have local names as diverse as Tiwai Onions, onion Sabrang, onion diamonds, lubak onion, onion grass sebrang or ghosts. Tiwai onion plant is a typical Central Kalimantan Dayak place to stay. this plant
Empirical already used by the Dayak community as a medicinal plant. This plant has the color red bulbs with ribbon-shaped green leaves and white flowers.

This plant has many varieties of the forms and types as diverse as onion or garlic and various other types of onions. Specific features of this plant is colored red tuber crops with a very smooth surface. Layout leaves paired with double finned leaf composition. Type pertulangan leaves parallel to the edge of the slippery leaves and form a line-shaped ribbon-shaped leaves. Besides being used as a medicinal plant crops can also be used as an ornamental plant because of the beautiful flowers. Tiwai onions have a good adaptation, can be grown in various types of climates and soil types.
These plants can also be propagated and harvested in a short time, so that the plant can easily be developed for industrial purposes.

Tubers onions dayak phytochemical compounds that contain several alkaloids, phenolics, steroid glycosides, flavonoids and tannins. Alkaloids are organic materials that contain nitrogen as part of heterocyclic. Even alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides and saponins have hypoglycemic activity or lowering blood glucose levels that are beneficial to cope with diabetes mellitus, even alkaloid that is able to function as an anti-microbial. While the tannin content which could be used as an upset stomach

Benefits onion Dayak of Borneo and Consumption Method
Onions This diamond has an excellent variety of benefits for our health. some of the main properties of onion dayak among them can overcome the disease:

* Insomnia
* Healthy Heart Muscle
* Help overcome Lymph node cancer
* Reduce inflammation of the tonsils
* Treating Asthma
* Boils
* Lowering Uric Acid
* Overcoming Piles
* Help treat Lung Cancer - Lung
* Help overcome Breast Cancer
* Help treat uterine cancer
* Help overcome Colon Cancer
* Help treat Keputihan
* Help treat cysts
* Help overcome Cholesterol
* Reduce Abdominal pain (Maag)
* Help treat migraine.

Medicine is traditionally considered to be more practical because it has been proven Empirical of our ancestors. Dayak onion herb has long been used various circles of society as drug Dayak Dayak alternatif.Bawang or Sabrang can be used in fresh form, botanicals, sweets and in powder form (powder). Dayak onions potential as a medicinal plant is very large multi-function needs to be improved so that its use as an ingredient of modern medicine

Fresh onion Dayak could directly in consumption
* Take 5-7 cloves of garlic dayak fresh, washed, then sliced thinly.
* Boil the sliced onion dayak with 3 cups of water (600 milliliter). Wait until the water remaining 2 cups.
* Drink the boiled water 2-3 times a day until exhausted.

During the cooking water to consume fresh garlic dayak, avoid foods / beverages containing alcohol, carbonation, fat, flavoring / vitsin and foods that contain some sort of fermented tempeh (soy beans processed yeast), tape (fermentation of rice or the other)

The sweets are prepared for consumption
* Take the onion taste dayak then washed,
* Cut the roots and leaves, sliced,
* Plus water at a ratio of 1: 2 w / v (1 kg onion dayak coupled with 2 liters of water), blend,
* Then filtered with calico cloth,
* Cooked to a boil while stirring,
* Added sugar 1: 1 w / w (1kg onions dayak, plus 1 kg of sugar),
* Stirring constantly until it forms crystals (grains fine), and then cooled,

* If a large grain size, puree in a blender with.
Ok, onion Dayak drinks prepared at present...

Created a kind of tea drinks
* Onions dayak washed,
* Cut the roots and leaves,
* Sliced to a thickness of 1-2 mm,
* Oven-dried at a temperature of 500C for 8 hours, and cooled,
* Can then directly packaged in plastic

How to consume:
1. Take two tablespoons dried onion dayak.
2. Wash with clean water.
3. Pour 200 milliliters of hot water.
Wait a few moments until the reddish water.
It's time to be ready for consumption.

The sweets are prepared for consumption
* Onions dayak washed, cut the roots and leaves,
* Sliced to a thickness of 1-2 mm, then
* Steamed for 5 minutes, add the sugar solution that has been made (sugar plus water, the ratio of 1: 1)
* Cooked until thick, stirring), and cook, stirring, stirring until dry, which is characterized by the presence of crystals of sugar.

Manufacture of powder
* Onions dayak washed, cut the roots and leaves,
* Sliced to a thickness of 1-2 mm, then
* Oven-dried at a temperature of 50 degrees C for 8 hours,
* The cool, then mashed
* If it is completed, onion powder prepared in packs

If you want to consume these steps:
1. Take a disposable spoon taste onion powder dayak.
2. Pour warm water in a glass.
3. Stir until smooth and ready for consumption.
If it is too bitter, can add honey. Originally pure honey. Do not honey mixture.

Storage Tips
Long storage between 2 to 3 months, provided that is stored in a dry and clean (not humid).
If taken 3 times a day, one kilogram of onion could be enough for consumption between 2 to 3 weeks.

Ok, all your friends have read and practiced for the health benefits of Dayak onion, if you place no Dayak onion just come to the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Hopefully what I wrote is useful to you, do not forget to share your best friend ..
Benefits onion Dayak of Borneo