Pretty And Healthy with Ylang Ylang Flowers

This flower is also called Ylang ylang Flowers, cananga odorata / canangium odoratum bail / ylang, boxwood or ferfum tree. For my own area a lot of names to call it almost from the various provinces has its own name among sandat, kupa leno Kenongo, sepalen, nurai, selanga, Wangurer, wong gulita, lalingiran, ngana-ngana, walotol, flowers kaeik, kupa anitetui and many others.

ylang ylang flowers for beauty one ylang flowers in distilled and be made to perfume (perfume) in addition to the benefits of ylang ylang flowers also that in Java like in use for a means complete customs such marriage ceremonies and funerals. Contains ylang ylang flower oil fly, famesol, benzoic acid, eugenol, yeraniol, lilalool, safrole, kadinen and pinene. Recalls the oil content of interest is very high, but it is easy to evaporate, nutritious treat scabies and sometimes used a mixture of masks and scrubs. In addition, the oil is also very good for aroma therapy for adrenal gland regulates the flow of the nervous system, giving rise to feelings of pleasure and calm, as well as relieve stress, anger and panic.

Benefits Ylang Ylang Flowers  For Beauty And Health

1. Overcoming hepatitis
treating hepatitis ylang ylang flower premises following way ylang  ylang flowers provide 30 grams and 20 grams of curcuma plus another 15 grams bangle then boiled with 600 cc of water to the boil until the water leaving 300 cc ago after the cold boiled and filtered water is taken

2. Treating whitish
Benefits ylang flowers to treat vaginal discharge his way:
ylang flowers provide 30 grams plus 30 grams of dried pomegranate skin and boiled with 600 cc of water to boil until the remaining 300 cc water after cold filtered water and water to drink, do this treatment up to 5 days.

3. Treating inflammation of the urinary tract
how to treat urinary tract inflammation with floral ylang, ylang flowers provide 20 grams plus 30 grams of bitter leaf plus 30 grams of leaves cat whiskers and then washed with 1 liter of boiled water and leave to educate and roughly half of its water a (500 cc) then these ingredients in the drink daily 2 times

4. Treating Postpartum Fever
benefits ylang flowers to treat puerperal fever and the way is provide 6 ylang flowers, plus 5 turi red flowers, plus 10 grams kaempferia galanga , plus 10 grams of turmeric, plus 25 grams of acid, plus 10 grams of black meeting then all material in mash until smooth and add a little boiled water and salt to taste the mixture further in put or in the stomach and in the back, do this treatment daily 2 times

5. Mosquito repellent
contains ylang flower oil and oil asitri asitri can seep into the pores of human skin and after doing research and experiments on animals guinea pigs then ylang flower prove useful to repel mosquitoes.

6. treat gout or rheumatism
benefits ylang flowers to treat rheumatism and gout is how to take ylang flowers are not in bloom 10 to 15 grams plus 20 grams of sugar apple leaf plus 20 grams of ginger dii added 10 grains of pepper and washed thoroughly mash until smooth then add enough water in plus another whiting in the next sufficiently stir until evenly and for the treatment of how the dough in the paste / in and apply to the affected area 2 times a day and do it with the regular treatment.

You've read the benefits Ylang ylang flowers for beauty and health, may be useful.
Pretty And Healthy with Ylang Ylang Flowers