Disorders That Occur In Systems Of Excretion

Food substances in our body is converted into energy. The digestive process in our body produces nutrients. These nutrients are burned in cells produce energy. At the time of change food into energy substances, cells produce waste.

Waste is produced in the form of residual substances metabolism, this substance is not utilized by the body. Therefore, these substances should be discarded so as not to poison the body. The process of disposal of residual substances metabolism or excretion of expenditure process called. This Waste substances excreted out of the body by excretion organs, namely, kidney, skin, lung, and liver

Following a few annoyances excretion in humans

1. Disorders of the kidneys

Kidney function can be interrupted due to bacterial infection, inflammation, kidney stones, and so forth. If any of the kidneys do not function or are having a kidney disorder, then the other will take over the duties of the kidneys first. However, the kidneys can damage them both and this will be very fatal because of urea will be buried in the body and cause death. The following are the abnormalities and diseases of the kidney.

* kidney Stone.
Kidney stones occur due to deposition of calcium salts in the kidney that inhibits the discharge of urine and cause pain. This disease can be corrected by surgery and laser beams. The goal of surgery is to remove large deposits of potassium salts. The purpose of using a laser beam to break large deposits of calcium salts.

* inflammation of kidneys (nephritis).
Kidney inflammation called nephritis. Kidney inflammation occurs due to damage to the glomerulus nefron, especially that caused by a bacterial infection. Defective nefron resulted in the urine goes back into the blood and the absorption of the water being disturbed so that the swelling in the foot area has occurred. Sufferers can be cured with nephritis kidney grafts or washing the blood on a regular basis. Wash the blood usually performed until the patient get a kidney donor who has a network of conformity with the organs of the sufferer.

* renal failure
Kidney failure occurs if any of the kidneys do not function. The failure of one of the kidneys will be taken over her duties by the other kidney. However, this state of affairs will continue to pose a very high risk. Why is this so? Because the causes of hoarding of urea in the body and death. This disease can be overcome by kidney grafts or use artificial kidneys until the original kidney can return to function.

2. Disorders of the skin

Abnormalities and diseases related to the skin often we find in everyday life. There are diseases that are harmless and dangerous. Skin disorder that usually occurs is as follows.

* Buran
Buran was caused by cold air, food allergies, and allergic to chemicals. Buran is characterized by the onset of full-swollen bumps that itch and irregular.

Buran may last a few hours and can also last for days. If the disease is caused by an allergy, then the way is prevention by avoiding chemical products and food ingredients that cause allergies. The treatment can be done using prescription medication given by doctors

b. of Ringworm
Of ringworm is a fungus that infects the skin. The infection is characterized by the onset of skin circle patches. Disease prevention is done by keeping the skin remains dry and not moist. The treatment is done by consuming drugs of anti fungal.

* Psoriasis
Psoriasis cannot be cured completely, but regular treatment can suppress the symptoms become apparent. Symptoms of skin redness is caused that can occur in the scalp, it, back, and knees. The exact cause of this disease is yet to be determined, but the result of a lot of research on these diseases caused by disorders of the immune system.

There are two types of white blood cells that play a role in our immune system, namely cell lymphocytes T and B lymphocytes activation occurs psoriaris. on the lymphocytes T which is not normal in the skin. This causes the skin to become inflamed is excessive..

* skin cancer
Skin cancer is a disease caused by excessive sunlight acceptance. The disease is more often strikes people who are white or light-skinned, because the color of the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Prevention can be done with sunscreen or avoiding contact with too much sunlight.

3. Disorders of the liver

Liver disease can be caused by viral infections, not works of the liver and bile. Disorders and diseases associated with liver disease such as hepatitis and yellow.

* Hepatitis 
Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. Hepatitis viruses there are several kinds, such as viral hepatitis A and hepatitis b. Hepatitis caused by the hepatitis B virus is more dangerous than hepatitis caused by viruses hepatitis a. Hepatitis a can be prevented by performing the vaccination

* jaundice
Jaundice is caused by a blockage of the bile ducts that lead to the liquid bile cannot be streamed into the duodenum, thereby entering into the blood and the blood color becomes yellow. Skin sufferers look pale yellowish, white part of the eyeball yellowish, yellow finger and toenails. This happens because in the entire body is the blood vessel that carries blood yellowish fluid mixed with bile because.

4. The lung Disorders

The main causes that make the lungs do not function optimally is the infection of viruses and bacteria as well as air pollution. Air pollution caused by factory smoke, vehicle, firing, and cigarette smoke. Lung disease such as asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and lung cancer..

a. Asthma
Asthma is known as bengek caused by bronchospasm. Asthma is a major respiratory tract constriction in the lungs. Symptoms of the disease is characterized by difficult breathing or shortness of breath. The disease is not contagious and is declining. Environmental conditions that the air is not healthy or polluted will trigger asthma attacks.

b. Tuberculosis (TBC)
TUBERCULOSIS is a disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These bacteria invade the lungs so that the part in the alveoli is a scab, scab. TB can cause death. Most of the people infected by tuberculosis bacteria suffer from TB without experiencing symptoms, this is called latent tuberculosis. In patients with latent tuberculosis do not receive treatment then it will evolve into active tuberculosis.

Active tuberculosis is a condition in which the immune system is unable to fight tuberculosis bacteria that are present in the body, thus leading to infection, especially on the part of the lung.

TUBERCULOSIS can be overcome with therapy. TB therapy that can be done is as follows:
* User vaccine BCG (Bacille Calmette-Guerin) Vaccine BCG is given starting from baby. Protection provided by the vaccine BCG can last for 10-15 years, so at the age of 12-15 years can do repeated vaccinations.
* Treatment of latent tuberculosis patients.
* Treatment of active tuberculosis with using antibiotics for approximately 6 months should not be lost.

c. Pneumonia
The disease is caused by bacteria, virus or fungus that infects the lungs particularly in the alveoli. This disease causes oxygen is hard to get because the alveoli are filled by fluid.

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Disorders That Occur In Systems Of Excretion