Celery leaves - Celery Apium graveolens latin name L and included in the family Apiaceae or fennel-adasan tribe. Celery one tribe with carrot and fennel pulosari. Celery leaves have long been used as a flavoring ingredient because the typical aroma cuisine and mouth-watering. Even in European countries and Japan celery plants there is nothing redundant, because they're always making stems, leaves and flower seeds of celery as ingredients.

Here's some of the compounds contained in the celery leaves and nutritious to health:

* The compound 3-n-butilpthalida.
lowering blood pressure, anti inflammation due to infection, anti spasm, and lowers blood cholesterol levels.
* Compound L-tryptophan, antioxidants.
preventing atherosclerosis by way of impeding the process of oxidative.
* Fiber, preventing obesity.
Type of seratnya it took longer to digest so make sense of satiety.
* Vitamins.
In 100 grams celery contained 494 IU of vitamin a. The green leaves, the higher the content of vitamin A in it. Other vitamins in celery, among others, vitamin C, B1, and B2.
* Poliasetilena Compounds.
are toxic to bacteria and fungus that is used as a medicinal plant since the middle ages. In order to remedy anti inflammation due to infection.

The typical celery aroma comes from a number of volatile components of the essential oils it contains, most dried fruit on high. It is butilftalida and butilidftalida as the primary aromas. There are also a number of flavonoids such as graveobiosid A (1-2%) and B (0.1-0.7 percent), as well as compounds of the phenol.

The other component is apiin, isokuersitrin, furanokumarin, and isoimperatorin. The major fatty acids content is petroselin acid (40-60%). The leaves and stalks of celery also contains steroids such as stigmasterol and sitosterol.

Celery leaves for health benefits

To get the benefits of celery leaves, can be done by boiling and taking which could be summarised, cooked, eaten raw or prepared juice. Here are some benefits of celery leaves for our health.

1. as an antioxidant
Celery contains antioxidants and flavonoids luteolin types that help ward off free radicals in the body. Luteloin is also useful in increasing the metabolism of the body.

2. as a bitter taste
Celery also contains anti-inflammatory substances, as well as effective to prevent problems such as osteoartharitis bone and joint pain.

3. Improve your immune
Celery is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C antioxidant that is important in maintaining the immune system. Vitamin C allows the production of collagen which helps protect the muscle and connective tissue to keep skin health and fight disease.

4. Strengthen bones
Celery contains Vitamin K plays a role in protein synthesis (type of osteocalcin) so as to increase the density of our bones and teeth.

5. protect the heart
Our bodies produce the amino acid called homosistein which can interfere with the normal functioning of blood vessels and cause cardiovascular disease. Celery contains Vitamin B9 or folate, which can alter the amino acids into simple molecules that protect you from heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.

6. helps prevent cancer
Miristisin organic compounds in celery proved capable of preventing the proliferation of cancer cells in the body. Miristisin also activates the enzymes and help neutralize harmful compounds of particular causes cancer of the prostate and colon.

Celery benefits for healthy hair

In addition beneficial for health, celery is also efficacious for beauty hair like nourish hair, hair loss and overcome.

1. nourish hair.
Prepare your 7 to 10 strands of celery. Wash clean up perfect. Then mashed finely and rub into hair that has been cleaned. Gently massage your scalp for 15 minutes. After that wrap the hair that has been rubbed celery and let sit for 1 hour. After that, rinse the hair again with clean water. For maximum results, do this step once a week.

2. coping with hair loss.
Take as much as two handheld celery. Clean and cut small. Then puree blended way. After a smooth perfect, save the celery has a delicate and then combine with 1 egg beaten already. Apply the mixture of eggs and celery in your head and massage gently for 15 minutes. After that let sit approx 1 hour and rinse clean.

3. Straighten Hair with Celery
Mash a few sticks of celery leaves are still fresh until smooth, add a little water. Squeeze to get the juice celery, then save it in the bottle and let stand for 1 night, use for kreambath on the next day. Once completed, Wash using shampoo

4. brightens face.
Here's how to put the sliced celery stalks into hot water, allow it to cool. After that the water used to wash your face.

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