Heathy Tips - Working behind the counter seemed more secure than to be battled out in the field or construction project. But don't get me wrong! too long sits on a desk chair, turned out to be bad for physical health and also bad for mental health (psychiatric).

In a survey, in one week of work, people spend about five hours 41 minutes a day to sit in front of a desk. The workers received rations of seven hours of sleep each night.

Dr. Myanna Ducan, Aadil Kazi, and Professor Cheryl Haslam of the Work and health research center, Loughborough University, United Kingdom in his presentation said, about 70 percent of employees surveyed do not rely on physical strength. And 50 percent of employees surveyed were aged 50 years and under are not doing physical activity

In the presentation, they said, they were sitting too long in Office is also often sit when out of the Office. In addition, there is a correlation between the value of the index (BMI) Body Weight and time of sitting in the Office. And they are a lot more time sitting in the Office there is a decrease in relation to mental health.

The discovery is part of a large study that examines the experiences of employees about the provisions of the occupational health in 18 months during the period 2009-2011. In the survey based on line and print out was made more than a thousand workers to gauge the level of physical activity and health.

some routine daily activities are carried out can help heal mental and increase creativity which will strengthen your productivity at work:

* Calm the mind
Essential to have a break for body and mind. If you start embarrassed and depressed with all the demands of the office, you should have time to do yoga, or meditation, or it could be half an hour just to do the breathing exercises morning to face the sun. This will make you more positive thoughts and fresh.

* reading books
Some of you may not be too fond of books or do not have a hobby of reading, but what's wrong with trying new things? Reading the book will add to your knowledge. Reading a book like a novel, can make you imagine the stories in the book and imagining things. You will feel a sense carried the story, even if she were seeing the movie. Select the reading that is to your liking.

* train of thought
Some people may not like to sit too long to read and want to try something more logical like solving a math problem or arrange puzzle, rubik or play scrable. You can also do it if it makes you more relaxed.

* Unleash your curiosity
You may often ask when you were a child, but suddenly the habit fade as you get older. Do not stop your curiosity and indifference. Precisely curiosity that will lead you in a variety of interesting experiences and hone your mental as well as creativity.

* Limit watch tv
This should be restricted. If you watch tv once in a while is fine, but don't make the Show Watch tv as your main source of entertainment and lounging on the couch. Often the tv even gives negative impact and does not provide any developments for your creativity.
So, by now you already know right what needs to be done to keep your mental health as well as increase the creativity of your brain..