What are the benefits of banana fruit for health and beauty

Banana fruit lot we encounter in the countryside, in addition to a cheap price turns out to be very beneficial to our health.

Nutritional Content Of Banana Fruit

Banana fruit is one kind of fruit that are beneficial to health because it helps the body hold up calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, are all useful for building repair and tissue regeneration. Bananas are also rich in important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex, vitamin C, as well as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.

Benefits Of Banana For Health

One of the most important benefits of banana is to resolve disorders of digestion, such as laxatives and treating heartburn. Banana was able to neutralize stomach acid, liquid to reduce irritation resulting from stomach ulcers by coating the surface uniquely. It makes the banana fruit is safe for consumption as people with gastritis.

1.Banana fruit can be made useful masks:

* treat acne

Mash the banana flesh of the fruit has matured or yellowing to taste, then apply it on the face skin breakouts. Let sit for a few moments, and then clear. Repeat for several days until the pimple is gone and the skin clean.

* Smoothes facial skin

In addition, for those of you that are having problems with the skin rough and dry fruit banana, meat can be a solution. Mash bananas and how, add with a scoop of honey. Use as a facial mask that is problematic. Feel how the facial skin will turn out to be smooth and soft.

2. rich in vitamins and fiber

A banana has more doubled in carbohydrates and vitamin A five-fold compared apples known as an antidote to a visit to the doctor. Bananas are also rich in potassium.

3. energy resources

By consuming two bananas a day, can improve the body's endurance and increase energy while performing everyday activities.

4. drain the oxygen to the brain

Because of the rich potassium, then bananas help the circulation of oxygen to the brain and also prevents high blood pressure and stroke..

5. the Laxatives

For those who often have difficulty defecating, santaplah banana. This helps mengembalikkan smooth disposal of the rest of the body.

6. Improve mood

Bananas help meningatkan the mood so stable and continued positive mood all day.

7. reduce the menstrual pain

For women who often experience pain when menstruation, unnecessary medications or substances harmful to the body. Only with this fruit, cramps in the abdomen and pain in the abdomen can be reduced.

8. Treat Heartburn

When the late meal and belly have already begun to poignant, eat bananas and pain of ulcers will soon diminish because bananas are known to have astringent capturer of acid in the body.

9. Reduce itching due to mosquito bites

Mosquito bites are extremely itchy and can interfere with lost when banana peels are gently rubbed into the affected area of mosquito bites.

10. Treating wounds Because Burned

Do I simply by mashing ripe bananas until mushy, and spread in the area of the burn or wound to relieve pains. Then wraps with a cloth bandage for best results.

11. Banana Fruit Benefits for pregnant women

In addition to the rich in potassium, bananas contain lots of folic acid. Folic acid contained bananas are also very good for the growth of the fetus, so it is advisable for pregnant women to consume this fruit.

What are the benefits of banana fruit for health and beauty