The Myth That Pregnant Women Are Prohibited From Eating Pineapple

Because we are living in Java, there is a myth that pregnant women were forbidden to eat the fruit of the pineapple why? 
We should find out the truth based on scientific studies, this is to help us through the pregnancy. Among you often hear, that consuming pineapple will result in vaginal discharge and be fatal when consumed at a young age of pregnancy such as miscarriage and problems result in fetal development, is it true the statement or just a myth circulating in society?

why pregnant women are prohibited 
from consuming pineapple :

 1. untimely Contractions
In General, for those of you who are entering pregnancy on the first 3 months are particularly vulnerable to some problems of pregnancy especially when you have a uterus that is not overpowering. In the first month often you may not consume drinking pineapple or pineapple juice.

Pineapple contains bromelain that can weaken the cervical or neck of the uterus so it was feared when consumed in excessive amounts, this content will affect your pregnancy. Some people choose not to consume the pineapple though for those of you who want to consume the pineapple, you can consume them after going through the first trimester with a limited amount and choose a pineapple that really has matured.

2. Miscarriage
Adjust the pineapple can lead to miscarriage? Pineapple bromelain in content which it is feared will disturb your pregnancy condition, especially if you have a history of miscarriage before. Avoid consuming pineapple young skin is green, though that does not mean you should not consume pineapple, pineapple consumption quantities are limited and also select a ripe pineapple fruits.

3. The health problems of pregnancy
Sour taste contained in pineapple can cause disturbances in the stomach especially for pregnant women who have a history of ulcer disease. Although pineapple can be consumed by pregnant women but for pregnant women who suffer from gastritis should be avoided because it will interfere with your health and fetus. So it can be concluded that the pineapple is rich in vitamin C and nutrients may be consumed by pregnant women with the number and choice of fruit ripe pineapple.

Not all pregnant women can consume pineapple fruit even though the quantity a little for those of you who have problems with ulcers and gastritis should avoid in advance.Always consult your health with your doctor or midwife, likewise with foods that are best for your pregnancy, given every pregnant women have different health conditions

OK friend, may they always asked the question about the prohibition of expectant mothers who eat pineapple get enlightenment..

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The Myth That Pregnant Women Are Prohibited From Eating Pineapple